Thursday, February 26, 2015

Get Covears For Your Mickey Mouse Hat {Review} | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

I received this product for free in order to use and share it on my blog.  
All opinions are my own.

Recently, I was asked if I would like to receive my own pair of "Covears" to review on my blog.  After looking at their web site and seeing this product, I felt it was a good fit for my blog and a product my readers would enjoy.  I accepted the invite to review Covears and I'm so glad I did!
When I received my Covears in the mail, I was already impressed! They came in a hand addressed envelope that contained the Covears.  When I opened the envelope, I found a carefully, adorably wrapped package.  My Covears were wrapped in tissue paper with a Covears logo sticker, inside a vellum pocket, tied together with baker's twine!  How adorable is this!?

Once I got over the cuteness of the packaging, I decided to open it! Inside the vellum pocket were my Covears.  They even had their own tag with the logo and the actual ears have a tag sewn inside the ears!  After reading on their web site, I realized the tag goes in the back- duh!  This helps insure your Covears fit over your Mickey Mouse ears properly. The Covears are made of a lycra, polyester bend that reminds me of the material used to make girls swimsuits. This material made the Covears easy to stretch over the Mickey Mouse ears and not be baggy.
My next Disney vacation is in 90 days and I can't wait to wear my new Covears on my Mickey Mouse ears!  This is such a fun, unique way to personalize your ears to match your mood, your outfit or the park you will be visiting.  

The Covears cost $9.95 + shipping.  There are currently 8 different designs to choose from ranging from solids, to stripes, polka dots to animal print.  

You can order your own Covears at
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Magic Shots from PhotoPass | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

"Magic Shots" from Walt Disney World's PhotoPass photographers are always fun for me!  However, my husband hates them.  He says he always feels like such a fool while they are being taken.  Me? Not so much!  I love the "surprise" when I see my photos online and get a chance to see what extra shows up in my photo!

At Walt Disney World, they provide the PhotoPass service to all guests.  PhotoPass Photographers are located at all 4 theme parks, Downtown Disney and the water parks.  These photographers will take your photos and scan your magic band or PhotoPass card to save the images.  When you log on to the web site you can view, edit and order your photos.  You can also purchase the Memory Maker CD which will have all of the photos on one CD.

One of the many perks to the PhotoPass photos, in my opinion, is the "Magic Shots."  According to the Disney web site:
Disney Characters and other fun surprises can also be magically added to your photos after they’re taken. Your Disney PhotoPass photographer will help set up the right poses and make it happen with some favorite familiar faces—just ask! With Magic Shots, you can easily enhance your photos for an extra splash of fun.
Here are some examples from our most recent trip at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  I took a picture of the PhotoPass guy taking a picture of my son.  Then you can see the final product below my shot.

These are a few of my other favorites from the other parks:

Magic Kingdom, Haunted Mansion


Animal Kingdom

Since my husband "feels like a fool" having these Magic Shots taken, we didn't get that many on our trip.  I also found out right after our trip, literally the day we left, they started adding animation to the photographs.  

Which "Magic Shot" is your favorite from your vacations? I'd love to hear!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How To Find Cinderella's Horse at Walt Disney World | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

Did you know one of the horses on Prince Charming Regal Carrousel belongs to Cinderella?  Rumor has it that she has her own horse on this attraction and if you are quick enough, you can actually ride it!
The key is to find the horse with the gold ribbon on it's tail.  This ribbon is what makes her horse different from all the others.  Her horse is on the second row from the outside of the carrousel.  Along with the gold ribbon on the tail are purple flowers in her mane.  

Another easy way to find Cinderella's horse is to look for the large, and only, sleigh on the carrousel.  When you spot the sleigh, look ahead three rows.  Her horse will be in the center, three rows before the sleigh.

Make sure you pay attention while you are in line!  We were able to walk on this attraction and go right to Cinderella's horse because we knew exactly what we were looking for... and because the park was about to close and nobody else was in line with us! ;)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Dumbo Birthday Party Activities | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

On a warm hot September day, what do you do with 9 kids at a two year old's, Dumbo themed birthday party??? Stick em in the backyard!  That was majority of our "activities" for our Dumbo party.  We were very lucky to have beautiful weather that day.  
We started with a toddler size blow up castle.  While I would have loved to have one that had a circus tent feel, we already owned this one and I couldn't think of paying to rent one! Plus, very few kids actually got in it... must have been too hot!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dumbo Birthday Party Decorations | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

Now that I've become familiar with My Memories Suite software for digital scrapbooking, I've started making most of my own decorations for parties.  This party was no exception.  I did buy the table cloths, balloons, plates, napkins and utensils though! :)
 First our table was covered with a plastic, striped table cloth.  I found a Dumbo hardback book at the Dollar Tree and we had 2 Dumbo stuffed animals that were used as the center piece of the serving table.  I made the banner that said Happy Birthday and all the food tents with My Memories Suite.  I used the "Circus" font and did a google search for Dumbo character images to use as my clip art on the food tents.