Friday, July 25, 2014

Disney Freebie Friday: Movies at the Resorts

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Did you know all of the Walt Disney World Resorts offer regular FREE outdoor movies?  Build a Better Mouse Trip has a great resource for seeing what movie is playing at your resort each night.
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Most resorts use a large blow up screen that is located on the beach, by the pool or in a grassy area at the resort.  Fort Wilderness has the best set up with a campfire and s'mores, a sing along, and a visit with Chip and Dale prior to the movie.  They also show a different movie each night of the month.  Other resorts will show the same seven movies each week of the month- (Example: Sunday- Frozen, Monday- The Little Mermaid, Tuesday- Cars, Wednesday- Mulan, Thursday- Winnie the Pooh, Friday- Aristocats, Saturday- Mary Poppins).

Where at Walt Disney World would you like to see an outdoor movie?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

All About #DisneyQuest

One thing that our family is looking forward to experiencing on our next trip to Walt Disney World is DisneyQuest at Downtown Disney’s West Side.  When our oldest son went to Walt Disney World the first time, he was 5.  On the second trip he was 7 and the last trip he was 10.  While this past trip would have been the best time for him to experience DisneyQuest, it was not practical for his 2 year old brother, so we did not visit.

The first time I went to DisneyQuest was in 1999. I don’t remember much about it.  What I do remember is that any video game junkie would love it!  My oldest son is not a video game junkie by any means, but he does enjoy a good video game which is why we think he would like it!  If you have a tween or teen age child who does enjoy gaming, I suggest you try to incorporate this into your Disney vacation.

At DisneyQuest, you can participate in some of the Imagineers greatest ideas.  You can participate in virtual reality, 3D and classic games from your past.  The cost per person is $37-$43 if you don’t have this option added onto your park tickets.  It’s opened Sunday- Thursday from 11:30am-10:00pm and Friday & Saturday from 11:30am- 11:00pm.  Tickets and operating hours are subject to change without notice.

DisneyQuest is divided into four “zones” located on 5 different floors.

  • Explore Zone, a virtual Adventureland where guests are immersed in exotic and ancient locales. 
  • Score Zone, a superhero competition city where guests can match their gameplaying skills. 
  • Create Zone, a private “Imagineering” studio for artistic self-expression and invention. 
  • Replay Zone, a carnival on the moon where guests experience a retrofuturistic spin on classic rides and games. 
Some of the attractions you can experience are Pirates of the Caribbean (navigate a pirate ship, fire cannons and race for gold), Virtual Jungle Cruise (ride down a river avoiding obstacles), Might Ducks Pinball Slam (life size pinball game), CyberSpace Mountain (design and ride your own virtual roller coaster), Ride the Comix (battle the villains as you virtually fly), Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride (fly your carpet through Agrabah in search of the magic lamp and Genie) and Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblasters (pilot a bumper car and battle the other riders by shooting asteroids).

What is your favorite part of DisneyQuest at Downtown Disney?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Disney Freebie Friday: Legos at Downtown Disney

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There are a few FREEBIES at the Lego Store at Downtown Disney Marketplace. 
  1. My family loves to take pictures with the big Lego creations outside the store!  Photos are always free to take!
  2. My boys love playing, for FREE, with the Legos in the store.  We could create for days in there!
  3. Another fun FREE thing at the Lego Store is the monthly mini model build!  On the first Tuesday of every month, kids ages 6-14 can create a mini model for FREE and take it home!  The builds begin at 5:00 until supplies last.    Models are not for sale and cannot be purchased.  Each month, a new model will be available.  Arrive early to make sure your child gets to participate.  One free lego mini build per child.
On August 5, your child can build the adorable monkey pictured a the top!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Future Fanatics

There are several things I love in life: my God, my family, my friends, my church, Disney, and Auburn University~ to name a few.  Recently I was contacted by Fanatics about creating a blog post featuring photos of my kids cheering our our favorite team.   When I spent some time on the Fanatics web site I was thrilled to find so many Auburn items!  They had perfect items for a day of tailgating and items to use everyday around the house.  My son LOVED the Angry Birds dressed as Auburn fans!  I had hoped to find Mickey Mouse in Auburn attire after I was so surprised to find my favorite mouse wearing NFL attire on pillows, blankets and t-shirts.  Maybe I'll make a request! :)

Even though this is primarily a Disney blog, I'm happy to share my love of Auburn University with you... along with my Future Fanatics!  Enjoy our photo tour.
Auburn University is located in Auburn, Alabama, about 2 hours southwest of Atlanta, GA.  
Aubie, the tiger, is our mascot.  Meeting Aubie is a great way to practice meeting characters before a trip to Disney!

 Along with meeting Aubie, we like meeting band members, majorettes and Tiger Paws (dance team) prior to football games!

If we are lucky, we get to see our favorite Auburn cheerleader, Francie, after the pep rallies!

My favorite tradition at Auburn is rolling Toomer's Corner after a victory.  These pictures were taken at the "final rolling" of the old Oak trees (before they were poisoned).  While the tradition will continue, it won't be the same.

Here are my Future Fanatics after a long day on "The Plains" at Auburn University!  War Eagle!


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue Product Line {Press Release}

Obviously, our family of three boys loves Disney!  We love the parks, the movies, the clothes and the toys.  In a world where Frozen is all around, it's nice to see something for boys show up!  Disney Consumer Products recently debuted a new line of products for the upcoming release of Disney's Planes: Fire & Rescue.  We are so excited about this movie and I feel certain at least one of these products will make it's way into our home in the near future!
To tweet this release, copy and paste to your twitter handle with the hashtag #FireAndRescue