Thursday, April 8, 2010

Backpack items

There are differing opinions about what to carry with you into the parks at Walt Disney World. Some people, especially those without kids, will try to fit all their needs into their pockets to avoid the bag check line before you enter the parks and to avoid having to find a place to stash your stuff while on the rides. Still others, like myself, try to think of EVERYTHING the family might need during the day and fit it into a backpack... or two! I am also a frugal person and I try to find as many ways to cut financial corners as possible! Therefore, I will take our own snacks to avoid those purchases in the park, I bring sunscreen, gum, candy, ponchos (either from the dollar store or from previous trips to the world), Disney themed trinkets and toys for the kids that I purchase at Wal-Mart, Target, Party stores, etc to avoid buying souvenirs in the parks and a change of clothes/ light jacket for the kids.

Here are a few of the contents from the travel box that go in or on the WDW backpack:

Here is a complete list of backpack items for Disney Parks: (the starred items are in the photo)
1. Small light*
2. Chap stick*
3. Sun block*
4. Hand sanitizer*
5. Sharpie marker*
6. Autograph book*
7. Fat pen*
8. Safety pins
9. Penny album*
10. Quarters and pennies in an M&M tube*
11. Water bottle & powder drink mix
12. “line candy”
13. snacks in Disney ziplock bags*
14. reservation numbers in mini notebook*
15. ponchos & mini umbrella*
16. line games*
17. camera and stuff
18. video camera
19. towel*
20. sunglasses
21. cell phone
22. gum
23. glow sticks
24. binoculars for AK*
25. tide pen*
26. trading pins/ lanyards*
27. Disney World Bingo game w/ wipe off markers*
28. sunglasses case*
29. mini fan (bonus points because the blades light up in the dark!)*
30. Stroller Ribbon*
31. kleenex*
32. guidebook & park maps*
33. mini bugspray*
34. anything a toddler or baby would need (diapers, sippy cup, snacks, change of clothes, etc)

These are the things that I take down to Orlando with me, however I don't always carry all these things into each park. Typically, I start out with majority of these things at the start of our vacation and by the end of the trip I take out the things we haven't used any- just to cut back on the weight! I will check weather forecasts to cut out a few things and depending on the park I won't need everything- example, the binoculars are only for Animal Kingdom.

So, start thinking about what things you want to have with you in the parks. When you see them on sale or in miniature size, pick them up and store them in your "Travel Box!"

See ya real soon!

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