Monday, April 5, 2010

Email Newsletters

Every time I find a web site or blog dealing with anything Disney, I sign up for their email newsletter. Some are sent daily, others weekly, some biweekly, still others monthly and others are sent whenever they have something to share! I always look forward to my inbox having something, anything Disney related!

Here are a few of the newsletters I've signed up for in the past with links to their web addresses. If the links don't take you directly to the "newsletter sign up" page, go back to their home page and search for the newsletter sign up.
1. All Ears This is one of my all time favorite Disney World web sites and newsletter. I love what Deb has to share!
2. Mousesavers A great site to find deals and ways to save money on planning a trip to Walt Disney World.
3. Disney trivia A daily email with a disney trivia question! Each day you get a new question and the answer to the previous days question! Just a little info to keep you on your toes!
4. The Mouse for Less- Magically Speaking This is another excellent web site and newsletter. I especially enjoy their challenges!
5. Disney Theme Parks TV Yahoo Group This is a great group that emails all the shows on TV that week that have anything to do with Walt Disney World! Everything from travel channel, Food network, DIY, etc and even sitcoms where the TV family visits the world! There is also a web site with the same information.
6. WDW Daily News Newsletter A great PDF newsletter with links to additional articles on the web page, stories and articles written by others, photos, tips, etc.
7. Pass porter News Great stories on travel destinations not necessarily related to Disney, tips for Disney travel, stories about restaurants, hotels, parties, etc in WDW.
8. WDWRadio Newsletter Lou Mongello. Enough said. Great information, blogs and podcasts.
9. Disney everyday not a whole lot of information, but fun weekly "where in the world are we" challenges!  This website has dramatically improved over the year!  It's a wealth of information.  However, it's been a while since I've received the "where in the world are we" emails.  I miss those.
10. DIS newsletter Another newsletter with great information. I just wish it came more often.
11. Disney’s Endurance Series Newsletter This isn't the link to the newsletter sign up. I couldn't find a link. This is the endurance web site through Disney. After I ran the half marathon in 2008, I signed up for a newsletter informing me of future Disney races.
12. Disney Fans Insider Another newsletter from Disney. This is about Disney news and history. Again, I couldn't find the actual sign up page and can't remember how long ago I signed up! Maybe with a little searching you can find the sign up info.
13. Disney Destinations from Disney I can't even find a link for this newsletter! Maybe when I created an account with Disney I chose this as one of the newsletters to receive...
14. Mickey Moms Club This is a members only newsletter/ club. Anyone who submitted an application to the Walt Disney World Moms Panel, can be a member. I applied in 2008 and didn't get past the first round, but became a member of the Mickey Moms Club... more on that later! :)

These newsletters are one small way I get my Disney World fix when my dear husband won't actually take me to the parks!! Hopefully these will help you learn more about Disney, help you plan a trip or help you get your fix!

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