Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Kingdom Keepers

When visiting Disney Daddy's blog, I saw his poll about the Kingdom Keepers books. I had seen them before in Books A Million and on Amazon, but never really took the time to learn anything about them beyond the title. When I voted "Never read any of the books" on his poll, I decided I really should change this. I went to BAM earlier this week and asked the customer service guy if they had the first book in stock. He said they didn't, based on his computer screen, but took me to the spot where they should be anyway. I started looking and actually found all 3 books. I picked up book 1 and 2, but didn't want to buy a hardback version of #3. I'll wait for the paperback in #3! I continued to look in this area of the store and actually found book 1 in hardback on sale! It was cheaper than the paperback version!

I've been reading for 2 nights now and actually enjoy the first book! I'm not a reader, at all. The only books I've read in the past year are: Hidden Magic, Mousejunkies and a few of the Birnbaum Disney travel books! Since my reading choices tend to relate to Disney in some way, I thought I'd give Kingdom Keepers a try! So far, so good! I'll update more after I finish book 1!!

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