Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday's Memories in the Magic Kingdom

Our first trip to Disney World was in 1983. I was 8. Even though I was old enough to remember this trip, I barely remember things. I have to look at pictures or hear stories from my parents to piece it all together. Some of the things I remember were camping. We weren't at Fort Wilderness. We were in some KOA, I guess, campsite in Orlando. We were in a borrowed pop up camper and I remember it rained- a lot! I remember the canvas pop out parts of the camper leaking. I remember walking to the bath houses. That's about it.

As for the actual time in the Magic Kingdom I remember the parade because the girl characters were carrying pom poms like cheerleaders, Swiss Family Robinson's Treehouse, The Jungle Cruise and Cinderella's Castle. At Epcot, I remember how much I LOVED Journey into Imagination and Figment. I also loved the "jumping water" outside of Imagination. And, that was my trip. That is all I can remember. I have no idea how many days we were there. I have no memory of driving down with the camper in tow. I have no memory of where we ate or what we purchased for souvenirs.

However, I do remember it was fun and I couldn't wait to return!! over and over and over and over....

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