Friday, April 23, 2010

time killers

While visiting Walt Disney World, there will be times you need something to help keep the kids, or adults, occupied. Even if it's not peak season and tourists are swarming all over the place, there will be times when you need to distract the kids. Some of those times may be:

  • waiting on the parade to start
  • waiting in line for an attraction
  • riding the bus/ monorail/ ferry boats
  • eating meals
  • waiting on fireworks, Fantasmic, or Illuminations to begin
  • waiting on a show to begin

There are many different things we have stashed in our backpack to keep us occupied. These things help can help cut back on the whining!

1. "Line candy"- I believe "line candy" was born during our trip in 1991. My mom packed twizzlers and starbursts for us to eat. This tradition has stuck! Every trip we make to WDW, I pack twizzlers and starburst candies in the backpack. I also add lifesavers, gum, gummy snacks (especially if they are Disney characters) and suckers to the mix. The only rule for the candy... it can only be eaten while waiting in line (or if a kid is having a meltdown!).

2. Handheld games- We have the 20Q game, tetris, and yahtzee in electronic form. We don't bring the Nintendo DS or iPads into the parks because of fear it will get lost, stolen or wet. But, if these $5 games are lost, stolen or wet it really won't matter.

3. Disney tour book- My favorite tour book for WDW is the Birnbaum Guide to Walt Disney World. It has great pictures, lots of color and cartoon characters throughout the book. It's full of information and the kids enjoy looking at the pictures too.

4. Mini playdough or silly puddy- it's small and easy to manipulate to keep hands busy!

5. Disney Bingo- When our oldest son could read we made this game to take with us to the parks. I made the board in Microsoft Publisher, printed it on card-stock and had it laminated at Kinkos. I found miniature wipe off markers at Wal-Mart with an eraser on the cap. While we are waiting in the parks we will each get a card and start playing. We are all looking for the same things, but our cards are different. The first person to get 5 in a row "wins." (They could always win a piece of "line candy!") Here are a few photos of the game.

What does your family do to help kill time while waiting in the parks?


  1. Would you be willing to make these printables to share?

  2. Absolutely!! I made them in a word file, so it's easy to share! :) send me your email address and I'll get them to you: bgwdw71 @