Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Travel Box

Yes. I have a "travel box." I'm continuously made fun of by my husband for it... but really, I think it's jealousy. I know exactly where my stuff is when I have to travel or even when I need it for the day. Here is my "travel box."

Here are the contents of "the box" laid out on my bed:

You will find everything needed for airplane travel, international travel, and travels to Walt Disney World!!

Here is a complete list of the contents:
travel iron, travel laundry bag, international plug adaptor, jewelry pouch, shout wipes, Tide to go pen, air freshener spray, woolite wrinkle spray, charmin wet wipes, camping towel, Disney ziplock bags, sun visor, airplane neck pillow, eye cover, small blanket, zip up carryon bag, a quart size ziplock bag with my things to carry on the plane all in the right size containers (chapstick, lotion, travel toothbrush, deodorant, toothpaste, asprin, breath spray, earplugs), Disney ponchos, stroller ribbon, blow up back support for the tub, binoculars, mini M&M tube for quarters, Disney autograph books/ pens, mini flashlight, battery operated mini fans, chaptstick that hooks to a backpack, Disney lanyard and pins, listerine spray and strips that hook on a backpack, mini sharpie pens on keychain, purell hand sanitizer to hook on a backpack, earplugs, mini playdough with clip ons, travel tetris game, decks of cards, small notebook and pen, mini umbrella, mini bug spray, water bottle holder, mini sunscreen on carabiner, eyeglasses repair kit, pocket kleenex, luggage tags, sunglasses strap and holder.

Hopefully this will inspire you to create a "Travel Box" for you and your family! It sure makes packing a lot easier! I'm always on the lookout for cute, miniature travel items for the box. And of course, anything Disney that would be great for a day in the parks!

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