Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday's Tip: mailing items ahead

When we flew to Disney World in 2006 we stayed for 8 days. We wanted to eat breakfast in our room and bring snacks to the parks for the day to save money. The only problem was we didn't want to pack an extra bag just for food and extra stuff. After reading different message boards and tips in books I realized we could mail that stuff to the All Star Resort ahead of time!! We were able to pack pop tarts, little Debbie cakes, granola bars, candy (not kind that would melt), napkins, paper plates, forks, tuna pouches, crackers, goldfish, gummy snacks, etc. This helped us save money on breakfast and snacks and saved space in our luggage!! It's also great if you are flying down with a baby or toddler who is still in diapers. You need so many diapers and wipes for a week!! They take up so much luggage room, but if you mail them ahead of time to your resort, they are waiting for you and they don't take up luggage space!!

We mailed the box to the hotel address to our name c/o resort name. It took almost 7 days from north Alabama going first class US Mail.

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