Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday's Tip: window clings

The Value and Moderate resorts at Walt Disney World have doors that open to the outside. One thing we've done in the past is put window gels on the window by the front door. When you are walking down the outside hallway heading back to your room, the only thing that makes your room different from the others is the room number on the door. For younger kids, those numbers don't mean a thing! However, if your room window has Disney character window gels on the window, the young ones definitely know which room belongs to them! It adds a bit of Disney magic to your "home" and helps the kids find their room easier!

I didn't have any pictures of our window gels on windows at our Disney resort, so photos of the gels on my kitchen window will have to do! Can't you see how "excited" the baby is to find the "room with the Disney window gels?" ;)

I found these window gels at Target several years ago. I believe it was in August in the "back to school" section of the store. These were actually on sale at the end of the back to school season!

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