Thursday, May 27, 2010


or is it EPCOT center... or Epcot 94... or Epcot 95... or Epcot Center... or Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow?

Epcot is now just Epcot. No "center", no date. In 2000 they added the wand being held by Mickey and "2000." Later they changed the "2000" to "Epcot." In 2007, they removed both the wand and "Epcot." (I need to find a picture of the Epcot wand.)

I really love Epcot. It's my favorite- along with Magic Kingdom! If I only had 2 days in Orlando, I would do those 2 parks. At Epcot, I love the diversity of the rides, the pace of the crowds, the educational aspect of the park and the shows. Illuminations is a great way to end the day! Epcot is also close to my heart as it is the end of both the half and full marathons! I remember in both races running through Epcot to the finish line- I didn't think I'd ever get there. The sight of Spaceship Earth let me know I was almost through!

One of my favorite rides at Magic Kingdom is the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. I love the part when you pass by Walt's original idea for EPCOT. Seeing that, seeing Celebration City and being in Epcot make me appreciate Walt even more and all the imagineers hard work to keep his dreams alive!

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