Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday's Memories: The Monorail

First, thanks to Jack Spence at for the photo of one of my favorite Disney World tshirts! I saw this photo after a trip to the world and had to find it! I called Walt Disney World and spoke to someone who could help me find and order this shirt. Success!

The Monorail is a "must do" while at Walt Disney World. If not for anything else, ride it so you can hear the Spanish version of "Please stand clear of the doors." While we were on our trip in December of 2001 to ring in 2002, my friend Heath and I rode the Monorail quite a bit together. Our favorite trip was when we got to ride in the front with Dan, get our official monorail co-pilot licenses and even DRIVE the monorail!! This is a favorite of mine and I've heard you can no longer ride up front with the driver. Too bad. I'll miss ole Dan.

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  1. Dan loves and misses you. He says that had you not gotten married to that wonderful JG.... that he would have let you be his copilot for life.

    On the bright side, the lady waiting in line to ride Aladdin that didn't know she had a wet spot on her shorts from riding Splash Mountain and I have become engaged.... some times live gives you a penny and God squishes it for you.

    Love you and miss you daily!