Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday's Tip: Missing School??

The best time to go to Walt Disney World, in my opinion, is when school is in session. You'll have the lowest crowds and most likely you'll get the lowest cost on lodging if you stay on property with some sort of dining deal or discount. Now, we always try to plan our trips when kids are in school.

Being a former teacher, I had some reservations about taking our son out of school when we took him on his second trip. After looking at our schedules, calendars and finances, it just made sense to go during the school year and have him miss a week of school. Did I mention I was a former teacher? First grade. This particular trip, JAG was in first grade. After scouring the Alabama State Board of Education web site, I was able to find and print all of the current State Course of Study's for first grade. Once these were all printed, I started looking to see what attractions, activities and events at WDW would fit into the course of study. I highlighted all the areas we would cover during a week at the world. Then I went back with a red pen and wrote specific details about how he would reach these objectives while "playing in the parks." After several hours of research and note taking, I realized that JAG would benefit more from being at WDW than he would be in school for a week! My mind was at ease!

When we went to visit his principal to get the trip excused, I presented him with my findings. I know he thought I was a total nerd because he asked if my resume was up to date! He quickly excused our trip and asked if he could have a copy of what we were going to do with JAG because he was taking his two boys to WDW during fall break! I didn't even finish showing him all I had planned for our son while we were on our trip!

Here is a sample of the course of study print outs:

If your children are in public school, they follow a course of study that is set by your state. Visit your state's board of education web site and search for "course of study." You may have to look through quite a few to find the specifics for your grade level, but it'll be worth it! You'll be able to see just how easy a trip to WDW will fit into your child's educational experience!

I'll talk more later about other things we did with JAG on our trip to make it even more educational!!

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