Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday at MK

Wordless? Nah. I just can't do it!

This particular trip was in December of 2001. My older brother, Paul, had injured his foot the night before we left and was on crutches. With the difficulty walking through the parks, we decided to get a wheelchair for him to use. Dad, in the wheelchair, has outgrown Space Mountain. His equilibrium can't take it anymore, so he sat out while the rest of the group rode. With him not riding, we put him in charge of watching all our bags and belongings. A while later when we exited the attraction, we found him asleep in the wheelchair "watching" all our stuff outside the entrance to Space Mountain! My brothers and friend, Heath, snuck up to get a quick photo with sleeping dad! This is one of my favorite Disney World memories and photos!

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  1. LOL! Great memory--one of many of dad sleeping at events!