Friday, June 25, 2010

Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse

It's been 3 weeks since I've posted. June has been crazy busy. I've spent 4 days/ nights at church having Youth Week, 8 days in NYC/ DC with the senior high, and 5 days helping with VBS at church. That leads us up to now, and I leave again for 6 days on Sunday for the Junior High mission trip. Whew. I'm so tired and ready to get back to "normal"... whatever that is!

I have not posted anything lately, obviously, but I have been reading the blogs listed as my favorites! I can do that without thinking! :) I don't have time to think much lately, but I do have time to veg out and read about one of my favorite things- DISNEY!

During the few days I've been home this month, we have found a new favorite for C-man! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! We love the hot dog dance and he LOVES Mickey Mouse! He has a book with a small Mickey stuffed animal on the front and he loves walking around with it! When I ask him where Mickey is, he points to the book. I thought it was time to really test him, so I opened up one of my Birnbaum books to a page that had many different characters on it. I asked where Mickey Mouse was and he pointed to him correctly!! C could even pick him out on a page where he was wearing a football uniform! The only mistake C-man's made is thinking Minnie Mouse is Mickey! But, that's understandable for a 17 month old! :)

This new "trick" makes me excited about our trip to the world in December! I hope he won't be scared to actually meet Mickey Mouse! :)


  1. He must be the smartest little boy in the "world"!

  2. Noah adored meeting Mickey and Minnie at 13 months.. he's a fearless kid, so I'm expecting the same at 18! The hot dig dance is a favorite over here, too!

  3. We've missed you!! Enjoy your mission trip! Be safe and have fun!

    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a huge hit here at my house, too!