Saturday, June 5, 2010

my favorite web sites

Several people have asked me recently what my favorite Disney web sites are for planning a trip to WDW. So, here they are in no particular order:

1. The Official Walt Disney World Web Site- duh. I use this web site to make reservations- hotel, dining, tickets, etc. I've always gone directly through WDW to make my reservations and buy my packages. I've heard that if you make your reservations and then a special or a discount is available, they will adjust your reservations. I don't know if that can happen if you make reservations outside of WDW. That's the main reason I use WDW. Sometimes I have found cheaper tickets at other places, but the difference is only dollars, so I'll stick with WDW!

2. All Ears- This is my very favorite! I can find anything I want on this site! Deb does a fantasmic job with All Ears! You can find park hours, packing lists, resort info and reviews, restaurant menus, special event info, etc. I love it! Many times I'll go to All Ears before I even look for the info on the Disney site!

3. The Mouse for Less- Another great site that is very organized! I find great things here too. My favorites are the downloads! We use the pocket guides all the time!

4. Mousesavers- If you are looking for discounts, deals and specials this is the site to visit! They list all the different ways to save money when visiting the mouse... get it, Mousesavers?!?

5. WDW Info- This site has good info on it, it's just harder for me to navigate through. I don't find it as organized as All Ears or Mouse for Less. That's probably why I don't use it as much as the others. I'm all about the organization!

There are soooooo many more great web sites out there to help plan a trip to WDW, these are just my favorites. These are the ones I've been using the longest. Maybe that's why they are my favorite! Hope this helps a bit in planning your families next visit!!

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