Thursday, July 8, 2010

hat's off to you!

This summer has been hectic to say the least. This has been my schedule since the first of June:
June 6-9= youth week at church each night 5-10.
June 12-19= New York City and Washington DC with 6 senior high youth
June 20-26= home/ work
June 27-July 2= Nashville, TN with the junior high youth mission trip
July 3-10= home/ work
July 11-17= San Antonio, TX with the senior high youth mission trip

When I have been home I've had so much to do to catch up from being gone or preparing to leave again, I haven't had time to collect any thoughts for this blog. I apologize... not that anyone reads it! ha!

So tonight I'm going to reflect once again on one of my favorite trips to the world. In December of 2001 my family went to WDW with Lisa and Heath. This was the trip the squished penny collecting was born, we rode the monorail with Dan and enjoyed making life long memories in all the parks!

While at WDW, it's so easy to get sucked into the "I must buy everything that has anything to do with Disney" syndrome. Buying the crazy hats is one of those things. I agree, you must own a pair of Mickey Ears... but all the other "themed" hats end up in the closet, collecting dust, until the next trip to the world. Nobody ever wears the huge Goofy hat out in public in their hometown. So, while you are in WDW, if you don't want to purchase your favorite crazy hat, just put it on and take a photo!! It's a "free" souvenir and you won't end up with a $15-$20 hat in your closet to collect dust!

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