Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts, Running

Well, as many of you know, I like to run. I wouldn't classify myself as a runner though. I have "run" the WDW Marathon (2003) and WDW half marathon (2008) and several 5Ks in Alabama. I enjoy running, but have a tendency to injure myself when I train for long runs and participate in long runs/ races. I had stress fractures in both shins when I "ran" the full marathon. So technically, I didn't run 26.2 miles. I walked 10 miles and alternated running/ walking for the last 16.2 miles. I ran 8 of the 13.1 miles in the half marathon when I pulled my i.t. band. I stretched and ran/ walked the remaining 5.1 miles. When I returned home and went to the doc, he found stress fractures in my left foot... past ones that had calcified and I never knew I had and current ones from the race.

I became pregnant with C-man in May 2008. I really haven't run any since then. Last week, my husband signed me up for a 5K in our hometown... I guess it's time to start running again! I got out my running shoes, running clothes, sports bra, Ipod arm band, running playlist, bottle of water and hit the road. I programmed the "Map My Run" app on my phone to record my distance and pace. I ended up going 1.5 miles at a 12 minute mile pace. Not too shabby, I don't guess!

So, all this "running" made me reminisce about the marathon and half marathon in WDW. I started looking at the old trail maps and thinking about all the trails in the DIsney World Resort. I found a fabulous web site for Disney Running. It has great maps of routes at the different resorts, info on races at WDW and DL and a forum to ask questions and build relationships.

After reading this web site and thinking of my own running experiences, I thought I would post a list of things to consider when running in Disney World.
1. Orlando can be very warm or hot most of the year. It's also very humid. It is best to run early in the morning and have plenty of water to drink! If you aren't a morning runner, like me, try taking a break from the parks in the afternoon for a run. The rest of your party can swim or take naps!
2. Remember you are on vacation and you will do plenty of walking while you are in the parks. Don't push yourself too hard on your runs because you will log many miles walking during the day.
3. Don't wear your running shoes into the park. Bring a different pair for parks. This will help your running shoes care for your feet better!
4. Remember to run like you drive- stay to the right of the path. Other runners can pass you coming in the opposite direction. Pay attention to other runners, walkers, bikers and vacationers. You are sharing these paths with others! Also be cautious in parking lots. Drivers aren't always looking for joggers!
5. If you wear earphones, try wearing just one. That way you can hear other people, kids, cars and bikes that may be approaching. It can help avoid injuries!
6. Don't run on the golf courses at WDW. They are for golfers only.
7. Don't be so focused on you run and logging your miles that you forget to appreciate all WDW has to offer! Just as the resorts and parks have wonderful things to admire, so do the trails, paths and sidewalks!

Hopefully these Thursday's thoughts will help you if you plan to run on your next trip to Walt Disney World!!

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