Friday, August 20, 2010

autographs and photos

As I mentioned on my "characters" page, I love meeting characters, taking photos and getting autographs! I'm always on the lookout for someone new that I haven't met before. If I've counted correctly, as of today, I've met 99 different characters through the years. Hopefully, over the next few weeks or months I'll have a chance to post about all 99! Once I get the autograph and photo, I add it to these scrapbooks:

These are the basic, small scrapbooks found at Michael's craft store. I use the sheet protectors and 6x6 (i think) precut pages to add the photo and autograph. As I continue with these posts, you'll see I've become MUCH more creative through the years! My first few pages (the fab 5 and a few more) are VERY basic! I didn't use paper to frame the photos or anything! Maybe when my life slows down I can redo those pages! :)

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