Thursday, August 12, 2010

counting down to your disney trip...

There are so many fun things to do and different ways to count down until you leave for your Disney vacation (or any vacation for that matter!).

My favorite is the Apple dashboard widget "Disney Trip Countdown."

Other ways to count down are to:
1. download the Disney Vacation Connection
2. download a countdown ticker from Mickeypath.
3. make your own construction paper chain link to countdown the number of days.
4. make a Disney calendar. Use character stickers in the different squares for different days (50 days til WDW, 40 days til WDW, etc).

Fun things to do as you are counting down the days to your trip:
1. Have a Disney Movie night. Each week leading up to the trip one family member gets to choose which Disney movie the family will watch. We usually start this 6 weeks out. That way each of us will get to choose 3 movies. Once C-man gets older, we'll do it 4 weeks out and each of us will choose 1 movie to watch. Pop popcorn, drink sodas, make pallets on the floor and possibly make other Disney themed treats to go along with the movie.

2. Listen to Disney music. You can download all types of songs from parks, shows, movies, cartoons, etc. It's a fun way to get in the mood!

3. Have Disney breakfast and make your own Mickey Pancakes! They may not have his face on them like they do at the World, but you can make the classic 3 circle Mickey easily with pancake batter.

4. Surprise your kids and family with Disney presents. You can find cheap candy, toys and "stuff" at the $1 bins in Target, at the party supply stores and at the dollar stores. Keep your eyes open. Disney stuff is everywhere! And while you're at it, buy some extra stuff to give the kids once you arrive at WDW. This helps cut back on the amount of money you have to spend on souvenirs!

5. Order the free planning DVD from Walt Disney World and the free personalized park maps.

6. Do some of the free downloads from The Mouse for Less: luggage tags, calendars, countdown chains, autograph pages, trivia questions, travel journals, word searches, etc!!

7. DVR or watch TV shows related to Walt Disney World.

What does your family do to count down to your trip??

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