Monday, August 23, 2010

The "dogs"- Goofy and Pluto

This photo was taken in January of 2003 while I was "running" the Walt Disney World marathon. I was staying at the Coronado Springs resort with my friend Deb. If I remember correctly, this was the long stretch between Magic Kingdom and the back entrance to Animal Kingdom. I think it was around mile 15 or so. Yes, I was in pain at this time but seeing the dogs helped lift my spirits! I ran with a fanny pack on that held a disposable camera, my cell phone, and mini snickers bars because the "goo" stuff that real runners use tastes awful! I have no idea when or where I got Goofy's autograph besides WDW.

The photo with Pluto was on our family trip in June of 1991. All of my family went, mom, dad, Paul, Mark and I and my HS boyfriend. He's in the photo with me and Pluto. We stayed off property that year somewhere in Orlando. This photo was taken in the Magic Kingdom on Main Street USA, I think! I don't know when I acquired the autograph.

I know it's been said many times before but I still wonder: Why does Goofy talk and walk on 2 legs but Pluto doesn't talk and walks on all 4 legs?

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