Monday, August 16, 2010

ways to keep it going

I was reading a blog or web site today that shared ways to keep the magic alive once you leave Disney World. It listed things like:
wear Disney tshirts.
watch Disney movies.
listen to Disney music.
use a Disney credit card.
look at photo albums of past trips.
start planning your next trip.
etc. etc. etc.

These are all great ideas and things I do at my house, but you can take it a step further. Some of you may have entire rooms dedicated to all things Disney. If my house were larger and I had a room all to myself, I may do that. But, I don't. Instead I have little bits of magic in several of the rooms in our house.

In our family room I have 2 shelves dedicated to Disney. One shelf holds some of my Disney animated movies and the planning DVD. The other shelf holds my trip planning books, character autographs and photos, Kingdom Keepers books, Celebrations Magazines, and my personal planning binder.

In our kitchen we have all sorts of Disney magnets and photos on our fridge. Another subtle Epcot reminder is a framed collection of English beer coasters we picked up while touring the World Showcase.

In our master bedroom there are several photos from past trips and several stuffed Mickeys in the closet or on a shelf. I didn't take photos of all these... just know they are there! ;) On my nightstand, I have a Disney photo cube, a snowglobe from a past student of mine and a photo album of the first trip JAG took to the world. On the wall I have the 2003 marathon race course framed with all my students "autographs" from that year. On JGs dresser, he has a framed photo of Mickey shaking hands with a cop.

Our master bath even has subtle hints of Disney on Broadway...

JAGs room doesn't have as much anymore. He's growing up and has passed on some of his "stuff" to Cman! He does still have a Mickey frame and his pin collection!!

As I'm writing this, Cman is asleep, so I couldn't take photos of his room and ALL the Disney magic in there! That'll be another post just for him!

How do you show your love for Disney in your home?

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