Monday, August 2, 2010

Why I love Disney World...

"at Disney, in the fantastic world of imagery and imagination, there's no cynicism; all things are possible, and every dream can come true. Kids can be kids; free to dream, and let their imaginations soar! That's the feeling I keep in my heart and etch in my memories of these days, in my mind, and through the pictures that we capture. I hope it's the feeling we're cultivating in our son's heart and soul too."
I copied this quote off a blog or web page several months ago. I wish I wrote down where it came from so I could give credit to the person who wrote it. I think it's beautiful and successfully sums up why I LOVE Disney World!

I've tried to tell people so many times when they ask, "Why do you keep going back? What do you like about it so much?" But, I've never been able to articulate it as well as this person did.

Usually I answer with one of the following:
1. When I go to Disney World I can truly leave behind all the other things that are going on- work, stress, worries, chores, bills, etc. I step on to the Disney property and can leave everything at home. Everything is magical. Occasionally you will see the family who is yelling and stressing out because they can't agree on something, they are tired, they are hungry or the kids aren't acting the way the parents think they should (which is another post in itself!). But, besides those families and situations, everyone at Disney is there to get away, to be a kid and to act like a prince or princess! When I travel to other places (New York City, Boston, DC, etc) I'm always reminded of the things I'm leaving behind because I see other people going to work, having business phone calls on the sub ways, running to catch a cab, hauling around briefcases and laptops. I see those people and am reminded that I'm still in "the real world" even if it's not my "real world." But at Disney, I'm transformed into a magical place where dreams can come true and nobody "really" works!
2. The amazing attention to detail and themeing! Maybe I've been too many times, but the detail in the different lands of the parks, the story lines behind all the attractions and restaurants, the costumes the cast members wear and the different themed hotels are too detailed to even begin to write about... and give it justice!
3. To see with my eyes the dream Walt had. He was an amazing man with incredible vision, imagination, and dreams. To see all of his work in real life is wonderful! And to know that there are other people out there with the same vision, imagination and dreams to continue his work gives me goose bumps!
4. For the love of family. Growing up whenever my family would go to Disney World my brothers and I didn't fight. We loved each other and showed it. Maybe it was because we were on vacation and not at home, but I think part of it was also the magic of Disney!

I hope that I can instill the love for Disney in my son like my parents did with me. I don't think my folks did it intentionally, but I give them the credit! Thanks mom and dad!

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  1. Glad I could be of help! But the tables have turned and now you have me excited about WDW.