Saturday, September 18, 2010

a host of tips

Today I'm making a list of some of my favorite tips for families going to Walt Disney World.

1. If you rent a stroller at any of the parks, remember your stroller will look like ALL the other strollers families are using. Bring something from home to set your stroller apart from the others. When you get off an attraction to find your stroller, you will be thankful that you know to look for the bright green ribbon, red bandanna, or yellow balloon tied to the handle amongst all the strollers parked in rows! When you leave the park or turn in your stroller don't forget to take your item off the handle bar so you can use it at the next park!

2. If you like to chew gum, bring it with you! Disney does not sell any gum in any of their parks. I guess it helps cut back on the amount of squished gum on the sidewalks and roads that cast members have to scrape up!

3. If you wear a women's medium, try buying a child's XL instead! They are a lot cheaper and basically the same size. I was able to buy a fleece pullover in a child's XL instead of a women's M and saved almost $20!! The tshirt I bought in Disneyland was $7 cheaper than the women's size!

4. If you spend a lot of time at your resort and drink a lot, you may want to buy a refillable mug at your resort. You can spend $12.99 + tax on a mug and refill it with coke products, tea, coffee or hot chocolate as often as you want as long as your stay lasts. In the past, we would fill up our mugs on our way to the bus stop and drink it on the way to the parks. When we left the parks to go back to the resort we would stop by the food court and refill again. You can click the link above to read a great review of the mugs from the mouse for less.

5. While you are visiting Downtown Disney, visit the Ghirardelli store for a free sample of chocolate! This is a must for me! :)

6. If you collect pressed pennies, make sure you pack an empty mini M&M tube. These tubes are the perfect size for quarters and pennies. We load up our M&M tube in this order, 2 quarters and 1 penny, 2 quarters and 1 penny, 2 quarters and 1 penny, etc. That way when we spot a penny machine we can easily access the exact amount of money we need quickly!

You can see the pink M&M tube circled in red in the photo!

7. As your trip approaches, go to Walgreens each week or month and buy a Disney gift card. These can be used at your resort, parks or in the gift shops, for food and souvenirs. This way you aren't spending or charging money during the trip. You have already spent the money at Walgreens!! You can also give each child 1 gift card with $20 or however much you want them to have before the trip. This way each child knows how much money they have to spend on souvenirs and they can budge their "money."

8. If you are interested in pin trading on your Disney vacation, check out ebay before your trip. You can buy Disney pins off ebay a lot cheaper than you can buy them in the parks. Then when you get to the parks, trade the ebay pins with the cast members for the pins you really want to have in your collection! But remember, cast members will only trade official Disney pins... so I've heard!

I'll think of more later. I'm going to watch football! :)

War Eagle!

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