Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday's Favorites: Couponing to Disney

I have a new obsession thanks to my new online friend Kristin at Couponing To Disney. While searching for new Disney blogs a few months ago, I ran across Kristin's site. I started reading daily trying to figure out this "couponing" craze. I thought I had it somewhat figured out, but didn't. Then JG told me about a couponing class in Decatur, so I went. I learned so much more. I still have a long way to go though! I would love to "coupon to Disney", but right now I need to "coupon to zero debt!" We're getting there!! Once we are at ZERO (minus our car/ house payment) maybe I'll start Couponing to Disney and open up a special account for a trip to The World!

This was my first true coupon trip to Publix a few weeks ago:
I spent $18.42 for everything in the photo. I saved $38.21 with coupons! I was able to get the Hidden Valley dressings for FREE and 4 Right Guard deodorants for FREE! The KC masterpiece marinade was FREE and the KC BBQ sauce was only $.89. The spray n wash was $.50, the lysol bleach spray was $.35, the pasta was $.15, the chunky soups were $.29 each and I made $.03 on the bread crumbs! I was pretty excited about my purchase! Now, if I can just find somewhere in the house to stash my "stockpile" items!

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  1. Isn't shopping at Publix so much better than Walmart? I have been couponing for months now and it's so much fun. Sort of a game for me. :)