Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday's Memories: Luke Skywalker

Meet Luke Skywalker...

We met him during our February 2008 trip to WDW. We went to Animal Kingdom and took the Wildlife Express to Rafiki's Planet Watch where we met Luke Skywalker at the Affection Section. At the Affection Section, you can go into a "pen" and pet sheep and goats. Luke Skywalker was a favorite of ours. Jonathan and JAG spent some quality time with Luke Skywalker! By the end of our time there he was following Jonathan around the pen wanting more attention! I read online that the goats at Affection Section are San Clemente Goats. Read this interesting info on the San Clemente Goats- one of the MANY reasons I love Disney! They do amazing things to help others- people and animals!

If you haven't spent any time at Rafiki's Planet Watch or the Affection Section, I would recommend it during your next trip- especially if you have little ones!! We almost skipped this part of Animal Kingdom, but decided to do it at the last minute. What a treasure! We will definitely take the train to Rafiki's Planet Watch on our next trip! I'm sure Cman will love the sheep (baaaa) and goats!

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