Saturday, November 27, 2010

iphone apps for WDW

I can't wait to use these apps on our next trip!! Do you have any good WDW apps for your iphone you can share with me!?!

Mouse Memo
Going to Walt Disney World? Mouse Memo lets you leave that bulky binder with all of your dining reservations and trip information in the hotel room!
You whip out your iPhone and the WDW Transportation Wizard comes to your rescue; promptly suggesting several routes involving cars, boats, buses, or monorails to get you from one point to another on WDW property. He even tells you how long it’s likely to take so you won’t be late for dinner!
Detailed Maps and GPS Locator - Enjoy accurate wait times, integrated in real-time, with park maps for Walt Disney World. Also includes ride information, Disney dining, schedules and plans, ticket info, and a traffic light system to show which park to visit on which day.


  1. If you're not afraid of driving people berserk, I am constantly using either Gowalla or Foursquare at Disneyland to "check in" at whatever attractions or shows I'm doing.

    I'm sure not everyone likes it (no-one has ever complained to me about it) but I enjoy watching my twitter streams and seeing what all of my friends are doing, either at Disneyland or WDW. And it's fun for me to let them know what I'm up to when I'm at the Park.

    Kind of a fun little game to play when you're out there, waiting in line with nothing else to do. :)

  2. WDW Character Quest is a great app for tracking characters at the WDW parks. Check it out at the app store. We think its a winner.