Friday, December 3, 2010

Disney Silly Bandz!

Honestly, I hate the Silly Bandz craze. I don't understand the attraction to rubber bandz shaped like "things" that you wear. Maybe because I'm 36 years old and not 6. I guess this is the 2010 equivalent of jelly bracelets in the 80s. Anyway, I hated them... until I found the Disney Character bandz! Hypocrite? Maybe, but who cares! And yes, I am wearing them now and will be sporting them while at WDW!Toy Story- Buzz (red), Rocket (green), Woody (blue), Jessie (brown), Bullseye (brown).

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang (sideways... I thought I fixed that, but apparently didn't). From top, or left, depending on how you look at it- Goofy, or Fooky as C-man calls him (yellow), Mickey (blue), Minnie (red), Pluto (yellow), Donald (red), Daisy (hot pink).

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