Thursday, December 2, 2010

Disney Surprise Bags!

As many of you know, I'm a frugal person. I don't like to spend money if I don't have to. If I do have to spend it, I better LOVE it or find it on sale, or at least cheap! So, when thinking about going to WDW and spending money, I try to find ways to cut corners. One way is by pre buying Disney themed gifts instead of getting them at the parks. I found so many "cheap" Disney things in Decatur! Check Target and Wal Mart for great deals. I also went to the party store and found Mickey Mouse Clubhouse things in the party favor section. I made each of the boys a Mickey tote bag to hold all their cheap goodies for the ride down. I'm sure, I mean, I know we will buy souvenirs while we are in the parks, but hopefully not so many that we'll drain our bank account!

For JAG, I got a Club Penguin mad lib, 2 invisible ink books, a Toy Story notebook, a Mickey cookie, Toy Story silly bandz, beef jerkey, a Cars light up wand, Disney gummies and a book with questions for each of us to answer.

For C-man, I got a Mickey notebook with crayons, a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (MMC) pin lanyard, Disney invisible ink book, Woody sunglasses, a MMC light up wand, a MMC grow washcloth, a Micky notepad, Toy Story stickers, a Mickey cookie, 3 Mickey board books, Fab 5 silly bandz and Disney gummies.

Hopefully they will like their treats and it will keep them quiet for the 9 hour drive... blah.

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  1. HA! great minds think alike. I have been picking up Mickey themed items for weeks now to give the boys for our trip. Like books, silly bands, Mickey cups, stickers and little stuffed Mickeys to cuddle with. I have gotten most of it on clearance or at the dollar store.Great ideas love it!