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Recap of Day 4 at WDW

Friday, December 3, 2010
Today was a LONG day for all of the Green Family! Animal Kingdom opened at 9:00 and I think we got there around 9:30. We missed "Rope Drop" but still got in and road some rides before the crowds came. I can't tell you how many pictures I have of this tree! The Tree of Life is still awe inspiring to me each time I see it. I've never had the luxury of just walking around, up close and admiring the work. It seems that I always have someone on my heels wanting to catch another glimpse of the Yeti! This trip, I did manage to zoom in a little with my camera and I caught this for the first time...
Is that a "Hidden Mickey" I see?? If you look right in the center of this photo there is a blackish/ gray Mickey head made of three circles- not a profile Mickey. My family seems to think this is a Hidden Mickey. If it's not technically one, we're saying it is! :)

My boys with "The Tree" in back!

Our first stop was in Asia. The big boys were going to ride "The Yeti" while C-man and I strolled around and took photos. The crowds were very slim at this point and I was able to get great shots without ANY people in them! Those are for another post! :)

After JAG and daddy rode Expedition Everest, and got Fastpasses for another ride later, we ventured over to Africa for the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction. C-man loved the animals and would point all of them out for us! Again, I have so many photos of these animals, yet on each trip I continue to take more. I guess I'm hoping for that one perfect shot one day!

All of the animals were out and about- except for the Lions. They were napping, as usual, and we couldn't see them. The others were very active and many were pretty close to the road so C-man could really see them without having to look behind trees and bushes. I did edit out a photo of one of the daddy elephants. It was x-rated!

After the Safari, we walked the Pangani Trail and saw more animals. On our way to lunch at Anandapur Local Food (Yak and Yeti) we saw DiVine doing her thing. I took a few pictures and will save them for another post as well! I don't want to use everything in one post...

When we finished with lunch, we walked the Maharajah Jungle Trek. Again, more photos and animal sightings. The best was the tigers! (War Eagle!) The big boys went for their second ride on the Yeti while C-man and I talked to the Disney Vacation Club guys. I tried to get some basic info out of them, without having to sit through the "hour long presentation", but had no luck. I tried to tell them I had been a previous member, but that didn't work either. I explained that I knew the program, I just wanted the 2010-2011 prices, but again, no luck. All I got was a few stickers and 2 buttons for me and C-man. They did get my email address and contact info, but I never received an email with the details I wanted.

We met back up with the big boys and ventured over to DinoLand USA. JAG finally conquered Dinosaur! He rode it during our trip in 2006 when he was 5 and was SCARED TO DEATH! In 2008, when he was 7 he refused to ride it. In 2010, at 10 years old, he finally rode without being scared! It was a big feat for him.

Looking at the fish on a trail outside the Tree of Life. I think we could have stayed here for a while! :)

Waiting in line to enter the Festival of the Lion King.

Once the Festival of the Lion King show was over, it was time for us to leave so I could go back to the conference... remember that?!? The boys rested in the room and caught up on some ESPN stories while I was learning about sustaining youth ministry. Once I was finished and everyone was rested it was time to head to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP). On this trip we had 4 day tickets without the park hopper option. So, we could spend 1 day in each park. But, since we had tickets to MVMCP we could go to the Magic Kingdom on the same day we went to Animal Kingdom. With the party tickets, you can enter the MK at 4:00 and stay until the party is over at midnight. The park closed to regular guests at 7:00.

We had reservations at Liberty Tree Tavern for 5:35, but we missed it. We got to the park at 6:00 and didn't even try to get in for our reservations. Even though we would probably still be waiting at 6:00 for a table, we opted to use that time to enjoy more attractions. We didn't have the best of luck with our dining reservations and wait times this trip. Instead we ate at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe. Jonathan swore we would not eat here this trip since we managed to eat there at least 3 times the last trip! Oh well... we had to eat and the counter service options were limited.

After dinner, we spent our time in Toontown and Fantasyland. This was one of my biggest regrets of the trip. I wish I had done this during the daylight with C-man. Photos would have been so much better, he could have seen more "stuff" and I could have seen more over the wall while riding Dumbo (or "Dummo" as C called it) of the expansion. Oh well. Live and learn. We did manage to get a few fun photos and made great memories as well. Daddy and JAG rode the teacups (I always will pass on that one) while C-man and I watched. We all spent time at The Adventures of Winnie The Pooh playing in the new "interactive" queue! We enjoyed "Dummo", Peter Pan, and It's a Small World and met all 7 of the Dwarfs! The Wishes Firework show as going on while we were meeting the Dwarfs, so C-man is looking in the sky instead of at the camera! He LOVED the fireworks and would make an "explosive" noise each time one went off.

Mad Tea Party... no thanks!

In line for Winnie the Pooh wearing matching shirts... even though you can't tell because it was soo cold we kept our jackets on the entire time.

Riding "Dummo!"

Our boys posing on the "Dummo" outside the attraction!

When we finished with the attractions in Fantasyland, it was time to partake in free cookies and hot cocoa with our MVMCP tickets! The hot cocoa was MUCH needed at this point and the cookies weren't bad either. There were several areas around the park where you could enjoy these free treats- free with a party ticket! Just look for the sign!

Yep, this is the "sign" you need to look for to get free cookies and cocoa!

C-man enjoying his cookie!

After Fantasyland, we moseyed over to Big Thunder Mountain. Again, the big boys rode while I pushed C-man around. He was napping/ sleeping at this point because it was way past his bed time and it had been a long day! When this ride was over it was time for the parade! I watched over some shoulders but managed to get a few decent photos- more will come in another post!

The beginning of the parade...

The end of the parade... HO, HO, HO!!

At this point, we were all beat, C-man was sound asleep and it was time to venture back to the hotel. One more day left.

Merry Christmas from the Magic Kingdom!

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