Monday, December 27, 2010

Robin Hood to start the day!

Just a quick post before we venture off for our last Christmas hoorah.

These pictures/ autographs are from Robin Hood Characters. I honestly don't remember the Robin Hood autograph and can't find a photo to accompany it. I would guess it was from our trip in 1996 or 1998- before I was totally into getting a many autographs as I could. Yes, I'm 36 and not ashamed to stand in line with a bunch of kids to hug a character's neck and get a picture and autograph!I met Friar Tuck with my friend Deb in 2003- marathon weekend. It was soooo perfect that I met him while with her because he looks like someone we actually know- in REAL life! :) We met him in the Magic Kingdom at the beginning of Main Street USA (I think!).

And last is Prince John. Karen, Deb and I also met him pre marathon in 2003 when we met Friar Tuck. Again, I think this was in the MK on Main Street, but I could be totally wrong!

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