Thursday, January 6, 2011

Italy or Epcot Italy?

I'm actually borrowing this idea from somewhere else, but I can't remember where. It was either on a blog I read or in a Disney email newsletter I receive. I'm sorry if you are reading this and it was your original idea and I can't give you credit. I really wish I could.

My husband and I were very fortunate to spend our honeymoon in Italy in 2007, thanks to mom and dad. We spent 14 days traveling the country by train. We visited Rome, Pompeii, Naples, Florence, Assisi, Lake Como, Genoa, and Venice. Florence and Venice were my favorite. I could have spent so much more time in both cities!

Since 2007, during each trip we've taken to Epcot I admire the Italy pavilion and the attention to detail. Of the 11 countries in Epcot I've actually been to Mexico, Canada, Italy and obviously America. Italy is the only pavilion that truly reminds me of what I saw and experienced when I visited the actual country. The only thing missing is the pigeons! If Disney could find a way to have thousands of pigeons flying around, landing in your hair and eating corn out of your hands, it would be perfect!

Here are a few comparison pictures of Venice and the Italy Pavilion. Divertiti! (Enjoy, in Italian)
Epcot version of St. Marks bell tower

Venice's St. Marks bell tower

Epcot's version of the gondolas.

Gondola's in Venice.


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