Sunday, January 16, 2011

Things I'm glad I did at WDW

In writing my "Bucket List" for Walt Disney World, I started to think about all the things I'm glad I've had the opportunity to do on some of my past trips.

  1. Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue (February 2006)- I'm glad that we did this as a family. It was fun, but not at all what I expected. I didn't do ANY research on this show before we went. All I knew was that "EVERYONE" loved it and recommended it. I convinced my then boyfriend, now husband, to get us tickets. He listened! I guess I thought it would be more "Disneyish" than it was. Besides the cast member name badges, I don't think you would even know you were at Walt Disney World while you are at this show! It was a very quirky, slap stick, silly, song and dance, comedy show. The best part, hands down was the strawberry shortcake for dessert! We still talk about that dessert and have scoured the internet looking for the recipe! Again, glad we did it, but I wouldn't do it again.
  2. New Year's Eve 1999 to ring in 2000- This was a trip in my "former life!" I wrote a bit about it on my "past trips" tab. Everyone thought the world would end or at least come to a screeching halt that night. I honestly knew people who stockpiled bottled water, dried beans, propane and flashlights because they believed all computers and technology would come to a stand still and it would take days, weeks or months to get life back to where we were on December 31, 1999. My families thoughts were, if the world is going to come to an end or come to a halt, where would we rather be.... sitting in our homes in Birmingham, AL or at Walt Disney World?!?! We traveled south!
  3. "Drove" with Dan on the Monorail (December 2001)- Since the monorail wreck in the summer of 2009 that killed the driver, I have heard rumors that you can no longer ride in the front of the monorail. Since 2009, we have only been to WDW once and we didn't try to ride in the front. But, at Disneyland in 2010, you could still ride with the driver in the nose of the monorail. So, with all that said, I'm glad I had the chance to ride in the nose of the monorail at WDW. I'm especially happy to have the memory of Dan letting us "drive" the monorail!! :)
  4. Started collecting Pressed Pennies (December 2001)- This crazy obsession with Disney pressed pennies had gone global! I have TONS of pennies from all over the USA and Europe. We found a penny machine in Rome, Italy at the Colosseum! My youth from church and friends will get me pennies from their vacations too and even call before they get one for me to make sure I don't have it already! I even have a Shakespeare penny from Englad that a friend brought me.
  5. "Ran" the half and full marathons (January 2003 & 2008)- I blogged about my full marathon experience here. One day I'll get to my half experience in 2008 with my husband! That was the last time I really ran before C-man was a member of our family!
  6. Participated in the YES program (November 2006)- This was part of the youth ministry conference I attended in 2006 with my mom. We spent an afternoon at the Magic Kingdom doing "science stuff" in the park discussing the use of magnets (TTA Peoplemover), lights/ scrims (Haunted Mansion) and senses (Mickey's Philharmagic).
  7. Attended the Pirates and Princess Party (February 2008)- I have not blogged about this, but we decided to take JAG to this party in 2008. I had always wanted to attend the MVMCP or MNSSHP, but had not been to the parks in December or October. This seemed to be the next best thing! We had a lot of fun and it only wet our appetite for more parties! UPDATE: I did blog about this!!!
  8. Attended Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party (December 2010)- There has not been an "official" post on this party yet, but you can read a bit about it on our day 4 recap!
  9. Was a member of the Disney Vacation Club (1998-2001)- Again, part of my former life. After my divorce I could not afford to keep the membership on a teacher's salary, but he couldn't either so I feel better!! We ended up selling it to break even. One day I hope to be a member again!
  10. Ate dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table (February 2006) This was a bitter sweet memory. We had reservations to eat at Cinderella's Royal Table on Tuesday after we arrived on Monday. My grandmother died on Sunday, the day before we left. We flew into Orlando on Monday and had half of Monday to play in the parks. On Tuesday morning, very early, I flew back to Birmingham for the funeral and was back at WDW late that night. I hated to miss our reservations with Cinderella, so we talked to the concierge at our resort. They were very easy to work with and quickly changed our reservations to another day during our trip.
  11. Cirque De Soleil- La Nouba You can read the post to learn more about La Nouba!
  12. Disney Quest (June 1998)- This was a last minute decision during my June 1998 trip. It was raining and we had the length of stay premium park hopper passes that included Disney Quest. We decided to take advantage of the rain and visit Downtown Disney and Disney Quest. It was a lot of fun, even thought I've not done much with video games since the Atari 2600!
  13. Fort Wilderness Campfire Sing Along and Movie (November 2006)- I don't remember how I learned about this, but mom and I visited the Chip and Dale sing along and Campfire Movie at Fort Wilderness in 2006. You can see a bit about it at the Fort Wilderness page. We made smores around the campfire, sang with Chip and Dale and watched Peter Pan under the stars! It was so much fun and I can't wait to do it with C-man one day!
  14. Candlelight Processional (December 2010) While we were at Epcot in December we were fortunate to see the Christmas Processional when Corbin Bernsen was the narrator. You may know him from LA Law, but I know him best as Roger Dorn from Major League! This processional is a very moving reading of the Christmas Story complete with an orchestra and massive choir. Hopefully I'll do a post on the Processional one day!
  15. ESPN the Weekend (March 2006) This is a sports weekend at Hollywood Studios each spring. We just happened to be there in 2006 when it was happening. We saw a few interactive areas at the park for kids to play, but we didn't participate in any. We also saw several talk shows from ESPN being filmed, but again we didn't stop to watch for very long. This was JAGs first trip to WDW and he was 5. He was more into the characters and attractions than sports at this point in his life! If we went back now, he would be all about the sports stuff! The best part of our 2006 trip and ESPN the weekend, was seeing Brian Urlacher, linebacker for the Bears, on Triceratops Spin with his daughter!
  16. ABC Soap's Weekend (November 2006) This was an accident too. Mom and I were at WDW for the Youth Worker Summit and it fell on the same weekend as the Soaps Weekend. I remember seeing posters, banners and billboards for this event, but don't remember much more than that! Now that the weekend doesn't happen anymore, I'm glad I can say I was there, back in the day... even if I don't really remember it!


  1. What I remember about the soaps weekend was the old(er) women with their favorite soaps T-shirt and the crowd around Luke and Laura when they made their appearance! Too funny.

  2. It's true about the monorail! I used to ride up front almost every trip.. June '09 we could and by June '10 you couldn't... I had even suggested to a family to ask and felt bad getting their hopes up!