Thursday, February 17, 2011

10 attractions I won't do at Walt Disney World

Obviously, I love Walt Disney World, but there are a few attractions I will not do. (As soon as I say that, one day my son will probably want to do these things and I'll have to eat these words!) This is not a top ten list, it's just a list of things I don't enjoy and would be OK with not doing again. I'll start my list with some shows, which all happen to be at Hollywood Studios, interestingly enough.

1. Sounds Dangerous with Drew Carey. The only good thing about this attraction is that it's air conditioned in the summer and you can possibly catch a quick nap if you need one.

2. Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Once you've done this attraction, you've done it. I know everything, just about, at WDW is the same each time you experience it, but this is just different. I've done it several times over the years and the last time we experienced it, in 2008, I swore I wouldn't do it again.

3. Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show We did this show in 2006 when it was still fairly new. We were excited about it at first- especially JAG who was 5 1/2 at the time! During the show JAG was yawning and looking around the theatre. He was interested and LOVED when there was fire involved, but it was long and didn't hold his attention. Jonathan and I just plain didn't like it. When we returned in 2008, we didn't even mention it so JAG wouldn't ask to see it. Are we bad parents?!

I'll end my list with rides... especially the rides that spin or give you the sensation of spinning!

4. Journey into Imagination with Figment It saddens me to actually type that. When Imagination opened in 1983 it was my MOST FAVORITE thing in all of Epcot. I rode that ride and could play in the ImageWorks lab for hours. Then I would try to catch the jumping water outside! But in 1998, they changed it all and now it sucks. I rode it in December just so Cman could do it, but I'll be OK not to ride it ever again... unless they go back to the original ride! :)

5. Stitch's Great Escape I wasn't a huge fan of Alien Encounter, but I would do it. Then they changed it to Stitch hosting to make it more "child friendly" and I don't enjoy it at all now. This is one I'm happy to pass.

6. Star Tours This ride gives you the feeling that you are flying through space and the motion makes me sick. It's a cool ride, but I can't handle the way I feel when I get off... and dramamine won't help me either! I've tried! I let the boys ride this while I walk around, take pictures and people watch! (Plus, I'm not a Star Wars fan, so it doesn't bother me too bad that I skip this one.)

7. Mission: SPACE Again, this is a fabulous innovative ride, but it makes me sick. The sensation of flying, spinning, etc. gets to my head and stomach. I MAY try it again one day since they offer the Green team experience now that is not as intense.

8. Circle-Vision 360 movies at World Showcase- China & Canada I wish I could watch these movies. The way the screen is wrapped around you makes my head spin. I walk away with a killer headache and it's just not worth it anymore. One day I may force myself to sit through it and suffer through the headaches just to see these wonderful movies again.

9. Primeval Whirl Again with the spinning. The ride is fine and actually fun, but the spinning makes my head all sorts of wacky!

10. Mad Tea Party If you've picked up on the whole "I get sick when I spin" concept, you were probably waiting for this attraction to make the list! Obviously, I can't ride this. My head hurts for hours and my tummy is upside down. Even if I don't try to spin my tea cup, I still get sick.

So, there's my list. What do you stay away from when you are visiting Walt Disney World?... or Disneyland for my California friends! :)


  1. Indiana Jones is always in the top 3 three things my boys list that we have to do...I love to watch them watch it.

    The boys also LOVE the stunt show. They take pictures and talk the whole time. I don't enjoy it at all. I feel like I need to take a book to read.

    I've never made it to sounds dangerous but I will in a few weeks just to see what it's like.

    I also hate Stitch. Sometimes there's more smoke than other times. I feel like I can't breathe in there!

    I love figment, Star Tours, and the Tea party...those are all on our have to ride list.

    I also ride Mission Space every time - but just for the cool parent points - I don't love it.

    My list of rides not to do: Goofy (but I guess that's not an option anymore), Kali River Rapids (not much of a ride imo, just dump buckets of water on me and I'll have the same experience), Dumbo (long lines - give me Aladdin!), the Mexico ride with Donald Duck (zzzzzzz), we always do it but I don't think the Astro Orbiter is ever worth the wait.

    Wooo! I guess I'm getting excited about our trip in March - just grown ups!!


  2. Astro orbiter freaks me out. I was begging to get off. Very embarrassing. However, I rode with my 15 year old and she still talks about how funny it was me screaming let me off!

  3. We love the stunt show, because my 15 YO has always been a car fanatic! I have to pass on a lot of the spinny rides, though. As much as I love rides, the older I get the more motion sensitive I am :( It's OK! There's still a lot of other fun stuff!

  4. Don't do the Aerosmith Rockin' Rollercoaster anymore. I love that ride, but it's too much fast push & pull on the body for me now, sucks gettin' old! ;(

  5. Jodi and Barb, I totally agree with the spinny rides! I can ride the Rockn' Rollercoaster still- as long as I don't ride right after ToT! I will definitely get sick if I do those back to back!

    Hilarious about the Astro Orbiter! I really like that ride (for some reason those rides like Dumbo, aladdin, triceratops spin, etc don't bother me... yet) but always forget about it since it's not eye level with me! :)

  6. Indiana Jones Stunt show doesn't even show up on my WDW radar. (The ride at Disneyland?... now that's another story!). I don't like drops, so Hollywood Tower of Terror is out for me, although I may get the nerve to try it one day. I also don't like the idea of riding the Astro Orbiter, too high for me! Stitch's great escape IS boring... but at least I'll "do it" if someone in our group wants to.

  7. Totally agree about the Indiana Jones attraction at DLR! It rocks!!

  8. I agree with almost everything on your list but Figment and Indiana Jones...the kiddos love em both. ;0)