Monday, February 14, 2011

Buttons from the World

One thing we always do when we are visiting Walt Disney World is visit Guest Relations to get free buttons! If we have an event happening within the month we are there, we'll get buttons to celebrate. Some people will get buttons just to get free buttons, but in my opinion, that takes the fun out of it! Why pretend to have a birthday or a special event when it's not even close to your big day!?! Maybe to try to score free stuff... not my style.When we were visiting Walt Disney World in 2008, we were only 3 weeks away from our first anniversary. Naturally, we got "Happy Anniversary" buttons to wear! We got free ice cream in the Magic Kingdom for wearing these buttons and lots of well wishes from cast members!
On each of our trips to Animal Kingdom we make a $1 donation to the Conservation Fund and receive this button for our contribution as a thanks!
We were at WDW in December of 2010 for C-man's first visit! Getting his button was one of the first things we did! We also got buttons at Disneyland in May of 2010 for our first visit. I didn't take a picture of that one- it's just like the WDW one but reads Disneyland!
Since the rest of the family was with C-man when he made his first trip down in December we all celebrated with him and got the "I'm Celebrating" button!

Below are some of the other buttons you may be able to get. I found these photos on auction sites, so if you don't want to get them on your vacation, you can always look online to buy them!
In 2010, if you volunteered in your community you could get a free day in a Disney park! "Give a Day, Get a Day!" These buttons were given to the Voluntears.
If you are celebrating a family reunion at WDW, ask for these free buttons at Guest Relations!
Not sure the reason for these buttons, other than you have a wonderful life and want to let everyone know! :) They are probably for after you get married and are on your honeymoon!
If you visit after an engagement or get engaged at WDW, don't forget to pick up this button!

I'm not sure how to get these buttons or even if they are still available. I've never seen these in person, just stumbled upon it while I was searching for Disney buttons!
The button I want is a "Happy Birthday" button! None of us have been to WDW close to our birthdays, so we haven't picked up this one. Maybe one year in June, I can make another trip down! The last time I was at WDW on or near my birthday I don't think they gave away free buttons... it's been that long!!

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  1. I got a Voluntear button last February when I went. Our buttons got us a VIP spot for the 3:00 parade - that was cool! We also have 1st visit and Happy Anniversary buttons. My daughter's birthday is a couple of weeks after we're there at Spring Break, so she has a couple of birthday buttons. They are fun!