Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Disney's Photopass Services

Disney offers a free photo service to all park guests called PhotoPass. Throughout all the Disney Parks around the world cast members are waiting to take your picture with characters, at key spots in the parks (castles, "mountains", icons, etc), in select resorts, at water parks and at character meals. These photographers use really nice cameras and take pretty good pictures. I have had some who aren't the best at picture taking, but I've had others who are great! Either way, using the PhotoPass photographers, you are guaranteed photos with ALL of your family members at very memorable locations and at very memorable times during your vacation.

It's fairly easy to use PhotoPass. When you first see a PhotoPass photographer and have your first PhotoPass photos made, they will give you the card below. On this card they will digitally save all the photos they took, and you will be able to view them and purchase them, if you want, later on your computer. Throughout your vacation, you can save all your PhotoPass photos on this card. If you leave your card at the hotel room or if your party splits up, you can get a new card from a PhotoPass photographer.
When you get home from your vacation, you can visit the PhotoPass website and enter the 16 digit number on the back of the card(s). You will be able to view all the photos taken from your vacation! You can edit, crop and add borders to your photos. Once you decide which photos you want to order, you can choose the size photos you want, select your payment and shipping methods and your photos will be mailed to your house! You can also order your photos on a CD or print your favorite photos on a tshirt, mousepad, luggage tag, mug or several other options! You can upload your personal photos to the PhotoPass web site and create a PhotoMovie, PhotoBook, or PhotoCards.

In addition to using the free PhotoPass photographers in the parks you can schedule a 30 minute private photo session as long as you purchase a package. I have not been able to find much more information on the Disney web site than this:

You can call 407-824-1700 to book a session and get more information.

Photopass warnings:
  • If you lose your PhotoPass card at any time during your vacation you aren't guaranteed that Disney will be able to locate your photos. The best thing to do is take a photo (with your camera or cell phone) of the back of the PhotoPass card as soon as you get it from the photographer. That way, if you do lose your card, you still have the 16 digit number off the back so you can retrieve your photos.
  • You can not have your photos printing services on Disney property from your PhotoPass card. This needs to be done from your computer.
  • Once you log onto the PhotoPass web site and enter your card number(s) you only have 30 days to preview, edit and purchase your photos. After 30 days they will expire and will be lost forever.
Other perks with using Disney's PhotoPass services:
  • You can pre-order a PhotoPass CD before you even leave for your vacation. For $99.95 you can order a CD with all the photos you have taken by the PhotoPass photographers while you are on your vacation. Once you return home and load your card numbers, you can edit your photos and Disney will mail your CD with all your photos, plus some, to your house! You also receive a license agreement to make as many prints of these photos as you want! We went back and forth deciding if we should do this on our most recent trip to WDW. We knew it was $14.95 for 2 4x6 pictures (of the same picture). I could choose 8 photos from our vacation to print for $120 or buy the CD for $99.95 before the trip and have ALL the photos taken. We decided to pre order the CD and I have 127 photos from all 4 parks of our family that I can print, email, copy and add to Facebook or my blog.
  • If you pre-order the CD, one added perk is that they include photos of characters in fun locations around the parks. For example, if you have your photo made in front of the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom, they will add photos of the characters (without your family) in the same location to your CD. Cman loves to look at the photos of the characters from our CD! These photos are postcard worthy!
  • If you choose not to pre-order the CD, you can always have the PhotoPass photographer use your personal camera after they use the Disney camera. You will have the PhotoPass photo added to your card and a similar photo taken with your camera.
  • If you attend a special party (Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party or Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party) you will get a PhotoPass card similar to the one below from Disney's Pirate and Princess Party. After the party is over you get 40% off photos taken at the party and saved on this card by the PhotoPass photographers!
Some of the good and not so good PhotoPass photos from our December trip:


  1. Thanks for the post, Beth! I have been wondering in my head if I should do the photopass CD, we don't really do a whole lot with photopass because I use my camera so much. Lots of great information, so thanks for writing it!

  2. One thing that I have found too. I always ask the photopass photographers to take a picture with my camera too (unless there are a lot of people waiting their turn after us) and they always oblige. Sometimes, these come out better than the photopass ones and saves money. We don't do this for all of them, but with three kids, you never know what you are going to get! :-)

  3. I'm glad you enjoy our service. Most people call us annoyances and walk along :( I'm glad that you find what I do useful! :D Here's a PhotoPass Photographer wishing you a magical day and may your next Disney vacation be just as magical :D