Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Missing School & the ABC book

Since we are missing school today (yet again) for snow, I thought it would be appropriate to do another post on "what to do with your kids when they miss school to go on a Walt Disney World Vacation!"

In previous posts, I have blogged about using the state course of studies to plan the educational value of a WDW vacation, "the binder" I use to organize all my thoughts and ways to tie in education and Disney, and last, the Vacation Journal I had JAG complete while we were at WDW in 2008. Today, I'll share with you the ABC scavenger hunt we went on while we vacationed in 2008.

Before our trip, I made a binder with 26 pages. Each page was a sheet with a letter and a picture of a Disney character that started with that letter printed on the top. Each letter page, A-Z was inserted into a sheet protector. JAG's assignment was to find something on our trip that started with each letter of the alphabet. It could be a character's autograph, a photo of a character, something collected from the resort, parks or restaurants or whatever else he could think of to get each letter represented. He did an awesome job!

The cover of the notebook

A: Animal Kingdom Map and
Adventure Map from the Pirate and Princess Party

B: Buzz Lightyear

C: Chopstick and Coaster (with the Castle!)

D: Dale's autograph

E: Envelope from Animal Kingdom Lodge
Epcot Map

F: Fortune Cookie wrapper, Fortunes, Fastpass

G: Garden Grill Menu

H: Hopscotch in the UK at Epcot

I: Internet instructions at the hotel

J: JAG's name written in Japanese

K: Kodak Picture Spot sign and the "Key to the World"

L: Liberty Inn at the American Adventure

M: Map of the All Star Music Resort and
the preschool Map of WDW

N: Napkin and Name tag from our stroller rental

O: Oscars brochure found in our resort room

P: Price tag and Pirate and Princess Party Brochure

Q: DisneyQuest brochure (the best we could do!)

R: Receipt

S: Straw, Stickers and Soap

T: Telephone Booth at the UK in Epcot, Tickets

U: Umbrella

V: Disney Vacation Club Button

W: Wristband from Extra Magic Hours
and Wildlife Field Guide

X: Expedition Everest (The best we could do!)

Y: Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe

Z: Zurg


  1. I can't believe I've never seen this before!! What a fantastic idea!

  2. Thanks Jenn! It was a lot of fun! I look forward to doing it with my younger boys next.