Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday's Memory: Flights of Wonder at AK

During our trip to Animal Kingdom in 2008 we decided to watch the Flights of Wonder bird show. We got there right as it was about to start so we were sitting on the next to the last row in the center. Not bad seats considering we got there with about 3 minutes to spare! This is a 25 minute bird show that features about 20 different birds, their habits and behaviors.

During one part of the show they asked for a volunteer who had their camera out and ready. I held up my camera and they chose me along with 2 other ladies! They invited us up on the stage and told us where to sit. Then they brought out a big owl, but I can't remember what kind of owl it was. One lady told us to focus our cameras on her hand about 7 feet in front of us while another guy took the owl to the back of the audience. Where he had the owl was only about 5 feet from where JAG was sitting at the end of our row.

While they were talking about the owl, his behaviors and what was going to happen I was looking at the owl with my camera focused and ready where the lady told me to have it focused... but then I saw JAG and Jonathan, so I refocused and snapped their picture. I was too busy looking at them and snapping away and wasn't really listening to what they were saying. Then I took a picture of the owl on his perch. And just then, he took off flying right towards me! I had my camera ready, obviously since I had been taking pictures already, and I snapped the picture of the owl when he was about 5 feet from my head!

Once the owl swooped over my head it landed on it's perch on stage. I was able to take more photos of him right after he flew, which was an additional perk to being on stage!

Tip 1: If you want to be a part of this show, have your camera ready when they ask for volunteers and JUMP UP with it in your hand to prove you are ready!!

Tip 2: If you are chosen to go on stage, listen to the cast members! When she says to focus your camera on her hand, do it. Then you'll have a really cool picture of the owl flying towards your head instead of an out of focus picture of an owl flying towards your head!

Jonathan is in the back center holding the video camera.
JAG is at the end of the row on the left of the shot in a red shirt.

The owl on his perch ready to fly.

The out of focus owl flying towards my head!

The owl after he flew past my head and landed on his perch.

The "Dreams Come True" certificate I received for participating.

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  1. You are so lucky! I have yet to be chosen to get up on stage with my camera, but I can only hope one of these trips I will be chosen. We love Flights of Wonder. Such a great show!