Saturday, February 19, 2011

Princess Kidagakash

Milo and Kida from Atlantis: the Lost Empire.
I have not even seen Atlantis. When it came out in 2001 I had a lot going on in my life and watching movies wasn't high on my list of priorities. At the end of 2001, my family, my brother's girlfriend (now sister in law) and one of my best friends went to WDW to ring in 2002. While we were there, we spent a good bit of time meeting characters. We were at then, MGM, getting autographs and pictures by the Sorcerer's Hat and found this interesting character. None of us knew who she was, but we went on and got the autograph and photo. Once we left and looked at the actual autograph, we still didn't know who she was! As you can see below, she writes in Atlantis, I guess!! We had to ask a cast member who was assisting the characters who she was and what movie she was in.

I wonder why she is not included in the Disney Princesses? This was the only time I've ever seen her at any of the parks. Maybe since the movie wasn't the hit they had hoped for she never became a popular Princess...

Me, Kida and Lisa at MGM


  1. Hey, I LOVE princess Kida

    Just answering your question on why she isnt included in princesses.

    Most disney creations of late such as Giselle from Enchanted wont be classified as Official princesses as the people who are e.g. their voice or in the case of Giselle the actress who plays them will be entitled to higher salaries and/or a bonus of payment.