Saturday, March 12, 2011

Face Painting at WDW

During our trip to WDW in February 2006 our son, JAG, wanted to get his face painted at then MGM Studios. Of course he chose a character I didn't know, Darth Maul. Even after it was completed, I still had no idea who that was. I had to google it when we got home! Obviously, I'm not a Star Wars fan! Here is the progression of the transformation:

In case you are just as oblivious as I was as to who Darth Maul is, here is a photo of the real Darth Maul:
Not too bad huh?! Those Disney face painters do a great job! If you aren't a Star Wars fan, you can still get your face painted. Disney offers many different options. You can go to the Pirate's League and get a full pirate transformation starting at $45.95. If you don't want to be a pirate or pay that much, you can go to other areas in the parks for a cheaper painting. Your little ones can get a character option like Tigger or your little girls can choose to have butterfly wings painted around her eyes. Those paintings begin around $10 and go up to around $15. You can pay with cash, credit or I believe you can use your room key if you have charging privileges.

Here are a few images I pulled off google images of different options at WDW for face painting! You can also check out Magical Kingdoms for more information, photos and prices at the Downtown Disney location.
Pirate from The Pirate's League

Another pirate... her "real eyes" are actually closed!!

Butterfly eyes.

Baby Tigger!

Have you had your face painted at WDW before? What did you choose?

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  1. We LOVE doing face painting but usually do it at Universal...we may have to give it a whirl on our next WDW trip.