Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I've been counted!!

"Beth, by the power and authority vested in us, it is our great pleasure to bestow upon you the position of NDM #386. You shall henceforth bear the noble and esteemed title of Neurotic Disney Mom. Go forth in the "World," wearing your new title with pride as you indoctrinate your friends and family into Disney culture, uphold The DDL Principles and practice the disciplines of The Disney Driven Life. May the Mouse smile upon you in all of your vacation endeavors!"
How exciting is that!?! I've been waiting since February 5, when I requested to be a part of the Disney Driven Life, for my Neurotic Disney Mom #! If you aren'
t familiar with The Disney Driven Life, it's a community blog for Neurotic Disney People! It has so many wonderful features:
  • read blog entries by NDPs
  • community roster of all NDPs and their twitter handles, so you can connect all the time!
  • share photos, videos and trip reports with other fans
  • train for a 5K with the "zero to hero" plan
  • participate in live events through DDL
  • listen to podcasts through the inner mouse
  • get discounts on Disney Park merchandise with your NDP#
Have you been counted?! If so, share what your title and # is in the comments!


  1. Hi from your newest follower and NDM #356! Looking forward to being a regular reader of your blog, will add it to my blog roll!

  2. I love the Disney Driven Life. Every article I read I think, that has happened to me!! :-) I'm NDM #335 and I just started the Zero to Hero plan.