Friday, March 18, 2011

The "Magical Call" to Epcot!

photo from our 08 trip to Epcot!

Last month Kimberly over at Mouse Tales Travel posted about "Ringing Epcot." I have many pictures of the phone booths at the United Kingdom at Epcot, but I had no idea they were actually working phones!! Kimberly shared the phone numbers for the three phone booths and I saved them in my cell phone.

Fast forward to this week. My parents, my little brother Mark and his girlfriend are visiting Walt Disney World. I told my mom about the phone booths and my plan. My plan was for mom to text me when they were at the phones and have Mark stand by them for a photo. Once I got her text, I was going to call the phone she told me to call (left, center or right) and hope Mark would answer!

I knew they were going to be at Epcot today. I had my phone with me ALL day waiting for her text! At 2:30 central time, I asked where they were and got an update~ they were still in Future World. Hubby and I decided to go to Lowe's to buy plants this afternoon and yes, my phone was in my hand the entire time! At 4:55, I got the text. "OK, call phone 3." I knew phone 3 was the right one. I started shaking I was so excited and called the number. It rang 3 times and my dad answered!!!! I said, "Hello. May I ask who is on the line?" even though I knew it was him! He didn't say anything to me. All I heard was, "Mark, it's for you." In the background I could hear my mom saying, "Just answer it Mark. Say Hello. See who's there." Finally I heard a very hesitant, "hello." I responded with "Ding, Dong, Day." a joke we've had for years. He just laughed!!

We talked for 10 minutes about their trip and what was going on. He told me he was exhausted and in a foul mood because he was so tired from the past 4 days. He had hit his Disney wall. BUT... after my "magical phone call to the UK phones", his spirits were lifted and he was wearing a Disney smile! :)

Later on I got this wall post on facebook from him:
"I still have a big smile on my face from your UK call. Thanks for still finding a way into my disney memories even when you're not here. Love you!"

That made my day!


  1. I love it!! I'm so glad you got to use the numbers and your blog post made MY day. Thanks for making me feel like part of your Disney magic.

  2. It was a great experience! Glad we could pull it off, even though he tried to hang up instead of answering. Mark talked about it the rest of our trip! Thanks, Beth, for the magic.

  3. So what are the numbers???? My parents will be in Epcot later this month.

  4. Allison,
    UK Left Booth: 407.827.9862
    UK Center Booth: 407.827.9863
    UK Right Booth: 407.827.9861

    have fun! :)

  5. I called Epcot today and wrote about it. I linked to your post. Check it out