Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mouse of Zen Magical Blogorail

Welcome to those of you joining me from Your Highway in the Sky or those of you who have just hopped aboard. I am the 5th stop on our Magical Blogorail.

hear my guitar weep
through speed of sound, riding in
encore of flowers

I chose this haiku because I immediately thought of the attraction "Rock'n'Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith." This is one of my favorite attractions and I was thrilled to find out I could use one of my photos from the attraction to accompany one of JB's Mouse of Zen Haiku poems. Obviously, with it being the "rock'n'roller coaster" I thought of the giant guitar outside the attraction to go along with the first line of the poem "hear my guitar weep." The speed of the ride going from 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds ties into the second line "through speed of sound, riding in". The last line "encore of flowers" makes me think of the guests riding in a limousine bringing along flowers to throw to the band after the performance!

I love this attraction.  It's definitely a "must do" when I visit Hollywood Studios!  I don't even mind standing in the queue for this one... as long as I don't ride right after Tower of Terror!  In my old age, I can't handle that much excitement back to back.  The "G-Force Studios" memorabilia is fun to look at and the Aerosmith tunes playing will get anyone excited!  "Seeing" Aerosmith wrap up a recording session and hurry out the door inviting all of us, their guests, to attend the concert with them sets the stage perfectly for what is to come!

The Rock'n'roller Coaster has been at Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World since July 29, 1999. It's the best thrill ride at WDW in my opinion. The maximum height of the ride is 80 feet, the maximum speed is 60 mph, the maximum G Force is 4.5 and the length from start to finish is 3:12 (which is the exact running time of Aerosmith's greatest hit 'Sweet Emotion.') There are 125 speakers and 24 sub-woofers in each limo of the Rock'n'Roller Coaster. There are over 900 speakers in the attraction. There are two rollover loops and one corkscrew in the ride. There is 3, 403 feet of track and the track is more than half a mile long. The launch of the coaster catapults you 200 feet and each limo can hold 24 guests (the exact number of passengers a standard stretch limo can hold!). While riding, you can hear one of the following Aerosmith songs playing:
  • Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
  • Walk this Way
  • Love in an Elevator (Love in a Roller Coaster for the attraction!)
  • Sweet Emotion
  • Young Lust
  • Back in the Saddle
  • Nine Lives
This is not a ride for those who are pregnant, experience high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness or other conditions that are aggravated by a ride such as Rock'n'Roller Coaster! The height requirement for riders is 48 inches. You can fastpass this attraction or use the rider switch.

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  1. Should I be embarrassed to admit I've never been on RnR? Or Tower of Terror? I know, I know...

  2. Kimberly, hang your head in shame! LOL!

    Beth, this is a great post. Nice tie-in with the haiku. I love the RnR! We've ridden it back-to-back when crowds were low. One of my faves!

  3. I LOVE this ride and agree its THE best thrill ride at WDW. I love the music too. It adds something special and unique.

  4. We totally LOVE this ride! I love Tower of Terror too though (maybe more). :)