Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blog Hop: My Blog

This week for our  Babes in Disneyland Blog Hop assignment we were asked to share why we started our blog and any upcoming plans we have involving Disney and our blogs.  I introduced myself a few months ago for the Magical Blogorail Green, so instead of linking back to that post, I'll just repost and change a few things!

Hey y'all! My name is Beth and I'm a mother of 2 boys living in North Alabama. I'm a full time youth director in the United Methodist Church. I love my God, my family, my friends, my youth, Walt Disney World, and Auburn University, to name a few!

I've been blogging for almost a year. Before that, I followed several "Disney Blogs" religiously but never thought to start one of my own. I even had a twitter account just to follow some of the moms and dads on the Mom's Panel. It wasn't until March of 2010 when I heard about the first Disney's Social Media Mom's Celebration that I started a blog of my own. When I read about this event on other blogs and on twitter, I knew I wanted to attend one day and the only way to "get in" would be to be an active Social Media Mom! I had to get on the bandwagon. I started "A Disney Moms Thoughts" on March 20, 2010 and @adisneymom on twitter in August 2010. I originally started both for selfish reasons- I wanted to attend the Social Media Mom's Celebration. But, after over a year, that's not why I do it anymore. Sure, I would love to attend at some point, but if I don't get to, that's OK. I've "met" some really awesome people and have learned more than I thought I could by reading other blogs. In December, during my most recent trip to WDW, I even used some tips and tricks I picked up from fellow bloggers!

I knew I could maintain a blog solely on Disney, specifically Walt Disney World, because I love it that much! I've been to Walt Disney World 15 times and Disneyland once. Right now I'm in the planning phases of trip # 16 in the fall with my 2 year old and my mom! You can read more about my previous trips here. People often ask me why I keep returning to Walt Disney World. I don't have a specific answer, just a few thoughts.

1. The magic that is present at WDW. If you are reading this, you probably "get it"! I'm able to leave everything behind when I head to Walt Disney World. Unlike other vacations, I'm not reminded day in and day out of what I've left behind in Alabama. Disney does a phenomenal job of transforming you into a world of magic where everything is great. It's no wonder children with life threatening illnesses go to Walt Disney World everyday. It's magical.

2. It's never over. There are always plans for the future with Disney- a new park, a new land, a new ride, a new restaurant, a new resort, a new movie, new characters, a new theme, a new parade... I could go on and on. No matter how many times you go or how often you go, there is always something new to see, eat, do or experience. There is also so much to do at Walt Disney World, I don't think you could ever do it all!

3. You can get a glimpse of the vision Walt had. If all companies, businesses, entrepreneurs, churches, schools, etc. had the dream, vision, drive, and imagination Walt had, this would be a different world. We all can learn so much from a man named Walt Disney.

4. Families can really be families at Walt Disney World. There is something for everyone- all ages, all sizes, all genders. Nobody is left out of the fun. For my family growing up and my family now, when we are at WDW it's all about us. We aren't competing with TV shows, ball practices, video games, cell phones, computers and friends. We are one. We play together, eat together, stay together, shop together, ride together, laugh together and sometimes cry together! We all need to learn how to take a bit of this magic home and spend more quality time together!


  1. I started blogging as the Social Media Moms convention was going on - major motivator there! Maybe we'll both get an invite next year :)

  2. Great Post! We love Disney for a lot of the same reasons. :)

  3. While never having been a Disney Mom, I am an ardent enthusiast for WDW and an annual passholder for many years. Love keeping up with this blog and your ministry blog as well. Have a magical day!

  4. Whether it started "selfishly" or not, lol, I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts as often as you can post them :-) I really hope you make it to the SMMC next year! I'd certainly like to go as well, but it's not looking good for me if you haven't gone yet :-) Hopefully someday...

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the genesis of your blog- I'm so impressed at what you've achieved in a relatively short period of time! I love the inspiration...:D

  6. Goodness yes! I love WDW for all those reasons too.

    I'm so glad you made it through the tornadoes. How crazy scary! Tornado season is the only thing I do not like about spring. Let's hope it's mild here on out!