Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Disney Vacation Basket

As some of you know from a conversation we had on my blog's Facebook page, our youth department at church held a silent auction this past Sunday to raise money for our upcoming mission trips to Costa Rica and East Tennessee.  I don't have any talents or skills I could offer: artwork, baking, designing, flower arranging, plumbing, tennis lessons, etc.  What I do have to offer is a love of Walt Disney World!  So, I made a Vacation Basket for the congregation to bid on!  Overall it turned out pretty cute.  On each item I added a sticky label with a tip or bit of info.  Here is a list of the items and the tip, if one was included:

  • Plush Mickey Mouse
  • A bright ribbon~ tie it on your stroller handle to identify your stroller in the sea of strollers outside attractions.
  • A cheap poncho~ To save money, buy cheap ponchos before the trip instead of spending $10 on a WDW one.  These were 88c at Wal Mart.
  • A bottle of water~ Even during non summer months, it can get pretty hot in Orlando.  Stay hydrated!
  • A pack of gum~ You can't buy gum on Disney property, so if you want it, bring it from home!
  • A light up Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toy~ The glow in the dark toys at WDW can be pricey.  Bring glow sticks or cheap glow toys from home to save cash.
  • Sunscreen~ Even in the dead of winter the sun is still bright at Walt Disney World.  Keep your family protected with sunscreen.
  • A bag of Disney "goodies"~ It's easy to get sucked into buying all the Disney items at the end of each attraction!  Save money by buying inexpensive goodies at home: Target, Wal Mart, drugstores and party stores.
  • Birnbaum's Guide to WDW
  • Fodor's Dining Guide~ Compliments of Carey at Sterling Travel.
  • Encyclopedia of Animated Characters~ Instead of using a traditional autograph book, have the characters sign on their own page!
  • WDW Vacation guide~ Compliments of Carey at Sterling Travel.
  • Links to order the free customized maps and DVD from Disney
  • A link to my blog for more tips and tricks!
I wanted to include a gift card too, but it started getting more expensive than I wanted, so I opted out of the gift card!   Thanks to all my facebook friends who offered suggestions on what to include!! :)

What did I leave out that should have been included??  If I ever do this again, there's always room for improvement!  


  1. My kids like Disney coloring books and workbooks (found at the $ store) for the car ride or plane trip to Disney.

  2. What a wonderful idea! I will have to bookmark this idea for future reference.

  3. Great idea Melanie- another way to save $$$!!

  4. What a great gift basket idea. :) And, we have that Encyclopedia of Characters book - you just gave me a great idea to take it along and get autographs! Thanks!

  5. Party City, or any party supply store, has lots of Disney items to put in a gift bag. I gave a gift bag to my 25 year old and his girlfriend each morning we were in WDW. They loved it! It was small inexpensive things, but it's the thought that counts.