Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday's Favorites: Adventureland Entrance

Adventureland is not my favorite land in the Magic Kingdom, but these photos are some of my favorites!  During our first family trip to Walt Disney World in 2006 JAG, age 5 1/2,  jumped on the wall and said, "Take my picture here!"  As I got the camera ready, this is what I got from him!

Fast forward to our last trip in 2010.  Again, as we approached Adventureland, JAG, now age 10, got on the same wall and said, "Take my picture."  I laughed inside because I remembered the picture above from 2006.  When I got the camera out, this is what I got this time!
Afte I took the picture,  I asked if he remembered the picture from 2006 and he didn't.  Dad didn't even remember it!  I did!! :)  It's funny how some things never change, no matter how old they get!


  1. LOL! That's so cool!!! :) When hubby and me first went in 2000 (before kids) one of the very few pics we got together was in Exposition Hall..with the photo set up with Steamboat Willy. When we took our our daughter in 05, we had to take a picture there and made a vow to take one their every trip, That didn't happen, but hopefully we can get one next time, with both kids!

  2. Triple peace? LOL

    Great pictures and memories. :)

  3. Stephanie, I can't wait til we take him back to see what he does next time!

    Chad, I know! Not sure what it meant, but he did it in several photos from that trip. I guess it was a weird phase a kid goes through! We've all be there!!

  4. Those are great! It's so much fun looking back. Love it that your son created the family tradition. That's special:)