Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday's Thought: Appreciate the small things

Raise your hand if you've ever been to Walt Disney World.  Ok, ok.  If you're reading this, chances are you've been.  Why would you care to read about "A Disney Moms Thoughts" if you've never been to Walt Disney World?  Maybe if you are planning your first trip?  Possibly.  

Anyway, for new park goers and old we sometimes have to remember to slow down.  Disney does a FABULOUS job of making every part of your vacation memorable.  They don't just create rides for us, they design attractions with back stories and plots.  They don't just build buildings, they create back stories and have hidden secrets in the names of the buildings.  They don't just paint murals, they hide hidden mickey's in the artwork.  The details at Disney are impeccable.  You can find them everywhere you look, as long as you aren't rushing from ride to ride attraction to attraction, park to park or to your next dining reservation!

Below are some photos I snapped in a 10 minute walk from the Train Station to the end of Main Street by Casey's Corner.  Amazing what you can find when you slow down, soak it all in and don't rush from one thing to another!  I would love to plan a trip to WDW where I didn't ride the attractions, but instead walked around and looked at all the hidden gems along the way.  (And ate at the fabulous restaurants!)
a "janitor" using water to paint a Mickey!
cast members playing jump rope with park guests
Dapper Dan's (?) singing Christmas Carols to the guests!
The Mayor of Main Street and his entourage!
Balloons on Main Street!
The piano player at Casey's Corner.
My favorite- the Window on Main Street, facing the Castle, dedicated to Walt himself!
For more fabulous details of Walt Disney World check out The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World!  I read this book in about 2 days with a highlighter in hand!  I had pages marked, sectioned highlighted and notes in the margins after I was finished.  This book highlights the best secrets of Walt Disney World!

There is a great article at Mousekingdom Blog about this book.  I definitely think it's a must read for Disney freaks like myself!! :)


  1. We saw a cast member drawing Mickey and Donald with water after the Braves game we went to at ESPN's Wide World of Sports - we were so amazed!

    Thanks for the book idea - I have been trying to find good books to look for special things at Disney - we are definitely getting this one and the Hidden Mickey book!

  2. I just ordered that book for review - hope it comes soon!

    Last May, we went to Disney on "business", as I was working the homeschool convention down in Orlando. It was the most slow and relaxing Disney trip ever and we loved it! Thanks for the reminder.