Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: Pack for Bath Time

When traveling with a toddler there is always a huge list of things to take with you:
  • clothes, change of clothes and another change of clothes for each day
  • PJs
  • diapers
  • wipes
  • toys
  • cups/ bottles/ bowls/ spoons
  • snacks
  • medicines
  • lotions/ powders/ etc
  • blankie/ lovie/ passy/ etc
  • books
  • distractions
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc
Each time we travel, it seems our list grows longer.  I'll be glad when this list begins to shorten again! 

My mom was with us this past weekend helping while 2 of my 3 boys were down for the count.  With her being here I thought a lot about our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World in September.  Our tickets are purchased, our dining plans are made and our room is reserved.  I've made our rough itinerary based on the park operation times on the web site.  All I'm waiting on is 1) dates for the MNSSHP, 2) Fort Wilderness' Movie Schedule and 3) the weather forecast so I'll know how/ what to pack.  I already have my standard list of things to pack (that needs to be a future post), so I started to review it.  In my review, I thought of something that I remembered I needed on my last trip to WDW when Cman was 23 months old...
Bath Accessories!
Here are photos from our home bathtub with the items I'll be packing next trip!
A small rinse cup, travel baby wash, Mickey characters, foam letters and a Nemo washcloth!

I remembered to pack his baby shampoo, baby wash and wash cloths, but failed to pack a cup to rinse his hair and toys for him to play with.  For our next trip, I've already added "bath accessories" to the packing list.  I'm going to throw in a plastic cup (I didn't like using the glasses from the resort in the bathtub) and some small plastic and foam bath toys in the suitcase!


  1. Great idea! My son loves to play in the bathtub, but I never remember to bring toys for the tub on vacation - I am adding it to my list now!

  2. Beth, we use the popcorn buckets as a rinse cup. It's a great excuse to eat the whole bucket!

  3. Kimberly- great idea!! one less thing to pack! :)

  4. I always forget bath time toys..although my daughter is 4 now she would still probably appreciate me tossing some in our suitcase. I always pack shower cleaner as well..I know the WDW bathrooms are really clean but it makes me feel better to just give it a little scrub before I plop her in the tub. We are going in Sept. too and have already begun to collect items for our trip as well. :)

  5. Im so disappointed my comment didn't show up yesterday.. I must have pressed the wrong button..anyways.

    I love your tip for bath time toys.. I generally forget to pack those and end up using something not designed to be a bath time toy. I am also going in September and have begun picking up things here and there for our trip. One other bath item we always bring is shower cleaner. I think Disney bathtubs are the cleanest but I still feel better plopping my daughter down in the tub after I have given it a good scrub!