Thursday, April 14, 2011

Walt vs Sparky

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Interesting story today on about Arizona State's new uniforms/ helmets for the football team.  I have seen "Sparky" the sun devil mascot for Arizona State for years, but had never heard the story behind it.   Here is a blurb from the article on the website:
"The only major casualty of the redesign: The cartoon Sun Devil himself, Sparky, who was originally incarnated in the late-'40s by alum Bert Anthony, a former Disney artist who allegedly (and probably apocryphally) modeled the Devil's features after his old boss as retribution for being fired. At any rate, the same grinning cartoon Sparky has personified Arizona State athletics for more than six decades, and has lent his quirky brand of satanic mischief to ASU helmets since 1980. The live, costumed mascot itself isn't going anywhere, but on the uniforms? He's nowhere to be found."
 Do you see a resemblance between Sparky and Walt?


  1. Yes I see the resemblance but no way is Walt every thought of being a devil..

  2. I totally agree! I can't imagine anyone thinking he's the devil!

  3. As a Phoenician I had heard an urban myth I never bothered to verify where it was said that Walt Disney's daughter went to ASU and he designed sparky. While I now know that a alumnis from ASU and Disney did the design I still love the myth.