Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 1-5: 30 Day Disney Photo Challenge

This week, Randy with Your Highway in the Sky, posted a 30 Day Photo Challenge on twitter and encouraged others to participate.  I took him up on his challenge and you can follow my 30 days on "A Disney Moms Thoughts" facebook page!  Here is a recap the first five days from the challenge!

Day 1, April 25, 2011: A picture of you at Disney with 10 reasons you’re a Disney lover
1. the magic
2. time with family and friends
3. the restaurants and food at the parks
4. attention to detail
5. thrill rides, calm rides, walk throughs, shows, parades, etc
6. hidden mickeys and hidden gems throughout WDW
7. I can always be a kid through Disney and nobody looks at me like I'm a freak!
8. characters and autographs
9. squished pennies :)
10. Walt's Vision

Day 2, April 26, 2011: A picture of the character you’re most like

The Character I'm most like... Pumba from The Lion King. I thought about all the "girly" characters and princesses, but knew I didn't fall into any of those characters traits, so I chose Pumba. In the song Hakuna Matata, I love the line "I'm a sensitive soul, though I seem thick skinned." I guess some of the youth at church could say I clear the savannah, but I beg to differ!

Day 3, April 27, 2011: A picture of your favorite Disney memory
I have so many memories and I kinda feel guilty that my favorite memory doesn't involve my husband or kids!  In 2001 my mom, dad, brothers, future sister in law and my best friend went to WDW to ring in 2002.  I don't have a picture of my favorite Disney memory from that trip.  All I have is the result of the memory... my squished penny collection!  My friend Heath may have a photo somewhere in his collection.  He gave me a penny album 
and our hunt was on!  We literally ran through MK that night collecting as many squished pennies as we could!

****Due to the Tornadoes in Alabama on April 27, the 30 day photo challenge has experienced a few delays!!****

Day 4, May 1, 2011: A picture of the way you know you’re at a Disney park
Not the best, but this was the best shot I could get from a moving car!  When we drive onto the property and pass the official Walt Disney World sign, I get chills, tears and a flood of excitement.  That's when I know I'm home!

Day 5, May 2, 2011: A picture of your least favorite ride or attraction
photo from
I wrote a post about the 10 attractions I won't do at WDW and then took that same list and broke it down to show which was my absolute least favorite attraction for Magical Blogorail Green.  You can click on the link above to read why Sounds Dangerous with Drew Carey is my least favorite!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this on FB and now I've pointed a friend here to challenge her to do it with me. What a great idea. And I loved your repsonses. Enjoying your blog and FB page!!