Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 11-15: 30 day Disney Photo Challenge

Randy with Your Highway in the Sky, posted a 30 Day Photo Challenge on twitter (@fluffedmojo- he's great if you want to follow!) a few weeks ago and encouraged others to participate.  I took him up on his challenge and you can follow my 30 days on "A Disney Moms Thoughts" facebook page!  Here is a recap days 11-15 from the challenge!  You can catch up on the first five days here or the second five days here!

image from "Orlando inside"
Day 11, May 8, 2011: A picture of the thing you wish you could change about the parks
Crowds. period.  This is why our family tries to travel to WDW during the off peak time- to avoid the crowds!

Day 12, May 9, 2011: A picture of your favorite Disney food item
There are so many food items to choose from, but one item I can't get anywhere else is the delicious candy apples!  I love how they are shaped like Mickey and Minnie and the taste is AHH~MAZING!  It's a "healthy" treat with a dessert feel! :)
image from floridaleasureblog

Day 13, May 10. 2011: A picture of your favorite “home” resort
I've actually only stayed at the Boardwalk once, so it's not technically a second "home", but it's my favorite!  I love it's location, the attention to detail (which resort doesn't do this?) and the opportunities at night.  
image from

Day 14, May 11, 2011: A picture of your favorite night time activity (existing or past) on Disney property
image from A World View
When I'm in the parks, my favorite activity is "Wishes" in the Magic Kingdom.  What an incredible fireworks show!  When I'm not in the parks, my favorite activity is Chip and Dale's Sing Along, Campfire & Movie at Fort Wilderness.

image from Disneyshawn

Day 15, May 12, 2011: A picture of what you do when it rains in the park
Usually the first thing I do is duck into the closest shop and begin spending money!  My favorite place to shop is on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom, starting at the Emporium and moving along the street!  If I can't get to a shop, these are the attractions I would like to be in during rain!
Epcot- Universe of Energy
Animal Kingdom- It's Tough to be a Bug
DHS- The Magic of Disney Animation
Magic Kingdom- Space Mountain/ arcade 

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